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Submission + - Social Media Has A Black Friday (

concealment writes: "Given the amount of attention paid by brands and retailers to building up their buzz on social platforms, consumers don’t seem to clicking through and buying much: just 0.34% of all online sales on Black Friday came from referrals from social networks like Facebook FB -0.86%, Twitter and YouTube"

Submission + - Social-Media Shaming About A Dumb Photo Gets Dangerous ( 2

concealment writes: "Those participating in social-media shaming generally say they have done so to right a wrong. In this case, the wrong presumably would be disrespecting those whoâ€ve died defending the United States. In fact, itâ€s plainly obvious that Stone is comically trying to offend a sign.

The people memorialized at Arlington died defending our rights, including, significantly, free speech.

The busybodies went further than expressing their outrage. They defamed her on Facebook and harassed her out of a job."


Submission + - Outrage in India over arrests for Facebook posts (

concealment writes: "As India's financial capital shut down for the weekend funeral of a powerful politician linked to waves of mob violence, a woman posted on Facebook that the closures in Mumbai were "due to fear, not due to respect." A friend of hers hit the "like" button.

For that, both women were arrested.

Analysts and the media are slamming the Maharashtra state government for what they said was a flagrant misuse of the law and an attempt to curb freedom of expression. The arrests were seen as a move by police to prevent any outbreak of violence by supporters of Bal Thackeray, a powerful Hindu fundamentalist politician who died Saturday."


Submission + - Shaming Racists On Social Media Continues With New Tumblr (

concealment writes: "Two years ago harassing someone online for something they did, when 4chan and Anonymous did it, was frowned upon by many media outlets. In my impromptu gchat with Hendren, I asked him why he thinks vigilantism is now not only mainstream, but suddenly cool to do.

“Ironically, I think it has to do with the portrayal of 'cyberbullies' in the last few years,” wrote Hendren. “It's become okay to go after people being mean on the Internet in the eyes of the law in some places, so why not go after people saying other horrible things?”

Media outlets have been unmasking trolls for more than a year now, the most recent and infamous being Violentacrez. I believe this type of coverage fosters a culture of social media justice where everyone feels empowered to be judge, jury and executioner."


Submission + - The downfall of Facebook ( 1

concealment writes: "I’ve heard anecdotally about a huge brand that was complaining recently because it has spent four years building a following of millions of people, promoting its Facebook presence (and, by implication, Facebook itself) on expensive television ads — and now Facebook has flipped a switch and, overnight, their reach dropped by 40%.

You might argue that Facebook has an integrity problem. What it has done here is a classic bait-and-switch maneuver, one where you change the rules after you get everybody into the tent. It’s the kind of thing you expect from a used-car dealer, not a big publicly traded company.

(Note to Editors: a prior article on this topic, by the same author, was posted yesterday. However, this is an interesting followup that suggests the downfall of Facebook is at hand.)"


Submission + - Mark Cuban: Facebook Is Driving Away Brands - Starting With Mine (

concealment writes: "Tech billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he is fed up with Facebook and will take his business elsewhere. He's sick of getting hit with huge fees to send messages to his team's fans and followers.

Two weeks ago Cuban tweeted out a screen grab of an offer he'd received from Facebook. The social network wanted to charge him $3,000 to reach 1 million people. Along with the screen grab, Cuban wrote, "FB is blowing it? This is the first step. The Mavs are considering moving to Tumblr or to new MySpace as primary site.""


Submission + - Facebook tries cloaking probe into data leak involving 1 million accounts (

concealment writes: "Risk Assessment / Security & Hacktivism
Facebook tries cloaking probe into data leak involving 1 million accounts
Blogger who bought e-mail addresses for $5 told to keep discussions private.

by Dan Goodin — Oct 29 2012, 1:12pm CDT

        The Web


Facebook officials told a blogger to keep their discussions with him private as they investigate claims he acquired names and e-mail addresses belonging almost one million account holders for $5 through a publicly available service online.

"Oh and by the way, you are not allowed to disclose any part of this conversation," member's of Facebook's platform policy team said during a tape-recorded telephone conversation, according to a blog post published by Bogomil Shopov, who describes himself as a "community and technology geek" who lives in Prague, Czech Republic. "It is a secret that we are even having this conversation."

Shopov said Facebook officials set up the conversation after an earlier blog post claiming he purchased data for one million Facebook users online for just $5. The blogger said it was impossible for him to determine exactly how recent the data was, although several of the entries he checked contained accurate e-mail addresses for people he knew. In addition to containing names and e-mail addresses, the cache he purchased also contained profile IDs. In an e-mail to Ars, Shopov said he suspects the data came from a third-party developer."


Submission + - Facebook's phone search can be abused to find people's numbers (

concealment writes: "I would consider my most “personal” data saved on Facebook to be my mobile number as it is somewhat of a bridge interlinking both my personal and online life and I would not like people I don’t want getting a hold of it. What if I tell you 98% of your phone numbers are not safe ? .. Only those lucky enough to stumble upon this setting and actually changing it are safe from the following

Note:Even though this is technically a “0-day” ,I do not endorse criminal use of the following POC and leaked text"


Submission + - Ky. Man Sues Facebook Over Tracking Web Habits (

concealment writes: "A Facebook user in western Kentucky has filed a federal lawsuit against the social networking company that accuses it of violating wiretap laws by recording his web browsing history when he wasn't logged into the site.

The plaintiff, David Hoffman of Paducah, is asking a judge to grant class action status to represent the roughly 150 million Facebook users in the United States. Hoffman's lawsuit seeks a preliminary and temporary injunction restraining Facebook from intercepting electronic information when users aren't logged in and from disclosing any of the information already acquired."

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