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Submission + - Amazon's Merchandising of Its Search Results Doesn't Violate Trademark Law (forbes.com)

concealment writes: "Many of us have had the experience of going to Amazon to buy one thing but checking out with a huge shopping cart of items that we didn’t initially seek—or even know were available. Amazon’s merchandising often benefits Amazon’s customers, but trademark owners who lose sales to their competition due to it aren’t as thrilled. Fortunately for Amazon, a California federal court recently upheld Amazon’s merchandising practices in its internal search results."

Submission + - DRM Lawsuit Filed By Independent Bookstores Against Amazon, 'Big Six' Publishers (huffingtonpost.com)

concealment writes: "Three independent bookstores are taking Amazon and the so-called Big Six publishers (Random House, Penguin, Hachette, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and Macmillan) to court in an attempt to level the playing field for book retailers. If successful, the lawsuit could completely change how ebooks are sold.

The class-action complaint, filed in New York on Feb 15., claims that by entering into confidential agreements with the Big Six publishers, who control approximately 60 percent of print book revenue in the U.S., Amazon has created a monopoly in the marketplace that is designed to control prices and destroy independent booksellers."


Submission + - NoSQL: The Love Child of Google, Amazon and Lotus Notes (wired.com)

concealment writes: "As they grew their enormously successful online services, Google and Amazon needed new ways of storing massive amounts of data across an ever-growing number of servers, so each created a new software platform that could do so. Google built BigTable. Amazon built Dynamo. And after these internet giants published research papers describing these sweeping data stores, so many other outfits sought to duplicate them.

The result was an army of “NoSQL” databases specifically designed to run across thousands of servers. These new-age software platforms — including Cassandra, HBase, and Riak — remade the database landscape, helping to run so many other web giants, including Facebook and Twitter, but also more traditional businesses."


Submission + - Why PC companies fear Amazon (and Apple) (time.com)

concealment writes: "Jeff Bezos stated that Amazon does not make money on hardware. Instead, these handheld devices are mobile access points to the various products and services Amazon offers. Sure, they are e-book readers and tablets in their own right and therefore are quite versatile in what value they deliver to customers, but make no mistake; they serve as vehicles for users to learn about and purchase a whole lot of products and services Amazon has to offer.

Now imagine how the PC and even consumer electronics tech companies, which are hardware based, look at Amazon. Amazon, like Apple, is totally rewriting the rules of the tech game. Because of increased competition in hardware, which forces competing vendors into price wars, the profits on hardware are almost gone. Some vendors still play the numbers game, hoping to sell enough products in volume to hit margins between 5% and 10%."

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