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PC Games (Games)

Sexuality And The Sims 91

Jim Rossignol writes "An article on a new blog I'm contributing to discusses how The Sims (mostly the original, but also the sequel) gets used for sexual purposes, and also examines how this kind of response is essential to the appeal of the game. Here's an extract: 'On sites like Simulated, Eight Deadly Sims, Pandora's Sims and Strange Sims we see increasingly bizarre uses of the modding tools. While mainstream sites are for all ages, these have reached such a level of risqué or alternative content that the majority hide behind pay-for-access barriers to ensure that the users at least have a credit card (i.e. aren't minors), and to earn a little cash. Of all the mod cultures online — and virtually every PC game has users making their own additional content either in publisher-supported or unofficial ways — it's only The Sims which has such an obvious number of sites which demand money for access. This is particularly unusual: there's a clause in EA's tool license that they can only be used 'on your personal non-commercial website'. That Electronic Arts hasn't gone after such a sizeable community is interesting in and of itself.'" Jim Rossignol is a well-respected games journalist in the industry, and his new blog (Rock, Paper, Shotgun) is well worth checking out.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPods, Google-Earth at War in Iraq

Boulainvilliers writes: "Policy Review reports that the U.S. Army started to use iPods and Google-Earth in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army first created its internal version of MySpace, with personal profiles, photos, bios, and information on soldiers' professional backgrounds, open only to U.S. Army commanders., privately founded by four officers in 2000, grew to 6,200 members by the end of 2006, when the site was viewed about a million times per year. "It's not just information; it's a personal story, and commanders are able to connect with their peers who share their knowledge." the report, "War 2.0", quotes one of the site's founders. The operators now "equip commanders on their way to Afghanistan with new iPods, fully loaded with video-podcasted interviews with fellow commanders on their way out." The journal also reports that U.S. officers started to use Google-Earth to map and document conversations with civilians and local leaders, to create "a spatially and temporally mapped track-record of trusted or problematic relationships that can be shared with other soldiers.""
Data Storage

Submission + - New 1 TB PCs can store 16 days of DVD-quality porn

An anonymous reader writes: Starting today, Dell and Alienware customers purchasing select XPSTM , AuroraTM and Area 51 gaming desktop computers can super-size their storage space by adding the world's first consumer one terabyte ( TB ) hard drive from Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

The hard drive of terabyte capacity provides enough space to store an incredible amount of data such as a million photos, a million minutes of music or 16 days of DVD quality video (which COULD be porn)!

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