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Comment Marathon (Score 1) 460

If you like the Halo-like FPS games, there's always Marathon through the AlephOne project at

It is still nice to play after all these years and the AlephOne team has done a fantastic job of expanding on the multiplayer capabilities as well as changes to the UI.

Comment Re:-1 Troll (Score 1) 770

3) You are discussing replacing an $80 device when upgrading a $1500(+++) device, maybe you can find a deal.

4) Whole new battery system, hard to say one way or the other.

8) Apple servers have redundant power supplies. You clearly do not know what you are talking about:

# Output power: 750W
# Optional second load-sharing 750W power supply for redundancy

1,7,8) Who cares....I am sure if they had a valid comparison to make they would...Perhaps all of those companies would do better if they would take the time to contrast themselves with the competition....,139023166,120205505,00.htm ....."'blue screen of death' does not refer to Linux systems, but rather to the immature Windows products." ...Sounds like a bash...Your google skills suck.

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