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Comment Re: That radar really worked well in florida eh el (Score 1) 166

It's a little more than that. Autopilot combines adaptive cruise control (matches speed of traffic ahead), lane-centring assist (automatically turns to keep you in the middle of the lane if you drift around), automatic emergency braking (if you get too close to something at speed and it will automatically hit the breaks if you don't), and automatic lane changing (hit the signal and it changes lanes for you).

Except for the lane changing trick, none of these are new things. Adaptive cruise control has existed since the 90s (Mercedes' Distronic system), automatic lane centring since 2003 (Honda's Lane Keep Assist System), and automatic braking also became available in 2003 (Toyota's Pre-Collision System). The latter is also going to become mandatory for all new cars in the USA and EU in 2022.

Comment Re:When can we disable 2G everywhere? (Score 1) 42

No, LTE is a development from GSM and UMTS. They're all developed by the 3GPP.

What they're talking about is equipment based on the old CDMAone/CDMA2000 standards (1X, EV-DO, etc.), which were competitors to GSM and UMTS developed by 3GPP2 (which had nothing to do with 3GPP beyond both developing 3G network standards).

The latter stuff got used a fair bit in Canada due to being better suited to rural environments, as at the time, GSM had that 35km cell limit.

But now that problem is ancient history and everything has gone GSM/UMTS/LTE and the old CDMA2000 stuff is simply obsolete. Their LTE competitor (Ultra Mobile Broadband, aka EV-DO rev C) fell flat when Qualcomm pulled out of their group.

Comment Re: obvious response (Score 1) 1023

You're looking at the ROI from the wrong direction. The key is the price of robotics going down, not the wages going up.

No jobs will be saved from automation, even if you keep the minimum wage where it is. Even if you cut the minimum wage in half, it won't be stopped.

Foxconn is automating cheap Chinese workers out of their factories. Read that again. Workers who make less than $2/hour are getting replaced with robots.

Comment Re:Hold Ma Beer and Watch This! (Score 3, Insightful) 1023

Foxconn (Who make devices for Apple and basically every other major electronics brand) is replacing Chinese workers (who make the equivalent of about $2/hour) with robotics.

With that in mind, only an idiot would believe that keeping the minimum wage at $7.25 will save any jobs from being replaced by robots.

Comment Re:one of two conditions has arisen. (Score 1) 566

Probably mostly 2, though it's probably not millennials, but rather the EU. They've made their opposition to capital punishment well known and have already applied export restrictions to their own pharmaceutical companies regarding execution drugs. The next logical step is to apply them to non-EU companies that do business in the EU, under pain of being shut out of their market. "Oh, you want to sell them drugs for executions? Fine, we're not going to buy anything from you. Oh, and those patents You can forget about them.".

And furthermore, making drugs for execution is not a high-profit proposition. You're talking about maybe 50 sales per year. That's nothing and is not worth annoying a supranational organization containing over 700 million potential customers.

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