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Comment Re:3d movies do nothing for me. (Score 1) 495

I say this as someone who _hasn't_ paid for any 3D movies yet

I say this as someone who has paid for several 3D movies over the last year and while I wouldn't go so far as to say 3D is completely worthless, I have yet to see a movie that was improved by the process either.

I'm a huge fan of the movies and I want to see good ones. If it's good and in 3D, that's fine. I saw Coroline in 3D and while I had no complaints about the movie itself, I don't think seeing it in 3D made it any better. Since I paid a premium (at my wife's behest), though, I felt a bit ripped off.

Perhaps some genius of a director will come along who will show what can be done with 3D beyond the gee-whiz aspects of seeing things jump out of the screen at you; that could change my mind. So far, however, it appears to me as nothing more than a gimmick used purely for novelty's sake.

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