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Comment Re:RAID (Score 1) 176

BigTable perhaps?

So, each email segment (What you see as each email in your gmail web interface) would probably be assigned a docID which would then be put into bigtable which then went onto a gfs partition / shard.

Comment Re:About damned time... (Score 1) 650

I know, they keep trying to say it hasn't gotten warmer since 1998 or that there are longer cycles that mimic the warming/cooling cycles as they are. There are even some that think global warming might be a good thing!!! trying to say milder summers in Siberia or Canada might make for more inhabitable and fertile land.

Comment Re:Fuck the market (Score 1) 392 - identifying the negative symptoms of a capitalistic/monetary society.

Followed by:
for possible future developments of a better system than the current one.

The way I see it. There isn't much incentive to change from the current system. Just like
there are better keyboard layouts than Qwerty out there.. however just because another layout is 10% better
than the current one isn't good enough.
So far capitalism hasn't failed on a grand/massive scale for changes to occur... alas.

Comment Python would be my choice (Score 2, Informative) 407

I tried teaching my self some Python a while back and found it very easy. The only experience that I had before in any computer language is MEL (Maya Embedded Language). I bought a book called Game Programming (Publiser: Wiley, ISBN 978-0-470-06822-9) and over my two week Christmas break I was able to build a nice little top down shooter with programmer graphics.

It uses the pyGame library for most of the heavy hitting (like writing to the screen and the like) but it also introduced me to Objects and Classes as well as how to think in small steps to help break down what I was trying to do.

I always suggest this book to artists that I meet who wants to get into scripting. And most of them who have borrowed it end up buying it for themselves when thay have to give back my book.

Comment Re:reasons this may not catch on in the US (Score 1) 533

There are a lot of stores here in Vancouver so it was really easy to shop around. I got the Kit and batteries from these guys:

and then bought a 800W motor controller from these guys:

I have to keep the speed limiter on or the wires get too hot for my liking. Also, keep in mind that the bike I have was never made for anything like this (it an old Rocky Mountain from the late 80's I think )and the bikes front forks flex a bit more then I like when giving it power.

Over all though I can't complain... They gave me a real good deal on the kit and battery. And when driving downtown I have no trouble keeping up with traffic. The best part is that I keep the batteries in my saddle bags so it's hard to tell that there is anything different on the bike other then the hub motor which nobody seems to notice anyway.

Comment Re:reasons this may not catch on in the US (Score 3, Informative) 533

I did the same thing with my bike. At first I would pedal my bike to work and back every day but I would always be working late and after a 14 hour day at work I would then have to pedal, mostly up hill, to get home. Then I would have to wait about 2 hours or so until my body would relax enough to get to sleep. I eventually got sick of this and decided to buy a kit for my bike. 750W motor and a 48v 20Ahr LiPo battery pack does the trick. I get about 40kms and I can go about 55kph without the speed limiter. I also don't have to pedal at all if I don't want to, even while going up hill. This setup can be illegal where I am if I unplug the limiter but that never happens ;) .

The big difference that I found is that I stopped running stop signs and I would actually stop when people were in a crosswalk instead of driving around them. When I was on my normal push bike I was always trying not to lose momentum since it was so hard earned with sweat and energy. But on the electric bike I don't care since it costs me nothing in effort to start from a complete stop. I'm much more aware of my surroundings which I'm sure is from not having to spend so much energy peddling. I realize that i'm now treating the ride as if I'm on a proper motorbike and I've been driving much safer because if it.

I charge the battery at work for the most part but even if I didn't electricity is about 5.91c a kWh where I live which ends up being practically free for me. And the guys I work with appreciate it much more now that I don't arrive covered in sweat.

The best part is all the bike lanes and paths we have here in Vancouver, BC. I can get almost anywhere without being in heavy traffic and most of the routes are on proper pavement. With the Olympics coming up and all the road closures that will come with it, the bike will be, by far, the best way to get around town.

The best/worst part about it is the other bikers swearing at me when I pass them going up the hill on the way home.

Comment difference (Score 1) 291

This is how I check for how much compression i have in my images.
1. Grab the original and the jpeg into photoshop (or whatever you use)
2. do a difference as your transfer mode. This will show you how different it is.
3. find out the value of all the pixels (I don't know ad them together or something)
Repeat the above steps with the second picture.
whichever is more is the one that is more different (why does that sound like bad English to me?) will be the lower quality image.
Use python and the PIL (python image library) to automate the whole thing and thats it.

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