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Submission + - Microsoft does a Google.. MSN contacts revealed (windowssecrets.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Struggling to catch up with perceive competition from Facebook, Microsoft Live Messenger (formally, and more commonly known as MSN Messenger) now treats all of your contacts as friends. Chatting to a 'girl' you meant on the net? Well, next time your girlfriend logs in she'll see "Johnny and Sharpie-Chan are now friends". Instead of distinct conversations to various contacts, it's a great big love-fest where everyone gets to hear who your new-found buddies are. This mistake is similar to changes to Gmail to support Google's Wave, which has hopefully died a quiet death.

Submission + - The Age of Fanboyism Comes Crashing Down 2

Hugh Pickens writes: "Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes at ZdNet that there are obvious fanboy camps, such as Mac and Linux, even cellphone fanboys, web hosting fanboys, and CD/DVD disc maker fanboys who hold a vehement, unwavering belief that their particular choice in life is without a shadow of a doubt the best possible choice anyone could make, and anyone making a different choice is some sort of sad loser. But the age of the fanboy (a term, by the way, whose first recorded use was in 1919) is "coming to an end because the walls between platforms and technologies are crumbling, and the boundaries between products and services has blurred to the point of almost being transparent" and because the ultimate apotheosis to fanboyism is the mainstream market. Take Apple for example. "You can’t sell millions of iPods, iPhones and iPads, not to mention millions of Mac every quarter to first-time [users] without diluting, and then terminally polluting, the whole fanboy fanbase," writes Kingsley-Hughes "Only the most blinkered person can maintain the illusion of exclusivity in the face of millions of people walking around with the same product." Kingsley-Hughes isn't suggesting that fanboys will disappear either overnight or completely but their era of influence, at least in areas where they’ve existed before, is coming to an end. "In an era where anyone with a web connection can have a say, the old fanboy favorite of drowning out the opposition no longer works," writes Kingsley-Hughes. "The fanboys have been disarmed.""

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