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Submission + - Bell Labs offers $100,000 prize for game-changing information technology ( 1

coondoggie writes: One of the iconic research facilities in the world — Bell Labs — today said it would offer $100,00 in prizes for researchers that have innovative ideas that can alter the information and communications technology field by a factor of 10. If that sounds pretty wide open, it is, as the lab is looking for all manner of advanced ideas in areas from web applications, cloud services, cryptography, network mathematics and security to software-defined networks, sustainability, wireless systems and coding theory.

Submission + - Teenager's stomach removed after drinking cocktail (

Chrisq writes: From the BBC:

A teenager has had emergency surgery to remove her stomach after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen. Lancashire Police say Gaby Scanlon was out with friends in Lancaster last Thursday (4 October) when it happened. The 18-year-old is reported to have become breathless and developed severe stomach pain before being taken to Lancaster Royal Infirmary. Officers say she would have died if doctors had not performed the operation. The woman, from Heysham in Lancashire, was taken to hospital at 11pm. She was diagnosed with a perforated, or pierced stomach, and is now in a serious but stable condition. 'Toxic chemical' Lancashire Police have not named the place where she bought the cocktail, but say it has stopped selling it.

Why the hell would anyone even consider this a good idea?


Submission + - "iPhone Riot" Was Just One Of Hundreds in China Today (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: "There’s no word yet on how many fights broke out over the new iPhone at shops around the world over the weekend between eager customers or Apple and Samsung fanboys, but violence has surfaced at one of the plants where the phone is made. What was originally reported as a “fight” now looks more like a “riot,” according to sources. And while it’s hard to ignore the plight of the workers who made the world’s gleaming new iPhones, the incident was, statistically speaking, just one of hundreds that happened yesterday alone.

On Monday, a reported 5,000 policemen were sent to break up a brawl in the dormitories of Foxconn’s plant in Taiyuan, a city of 4 million and the capital of Shanxi province, where most of China’s coal is produced. Foxconn released a statement on Monday saying that around 40 people had been taken to the hospital with injuries after a “personal dispute between several employees escalated into an incident involving some 2,000 workers The cause of this dispute is under investigationbut it appears not to have been work-related.” Reuters and others have said 2,000 people were involved in the fight-turned-riot. Allegedly, all hell broke loose after a guard hit a worker; investigations are underway."


Submission + - Trojan Written in Google Go Found in the Wild (

hypnosec writes: A recently discovered Trojan sample indicates that malware writers have taken up Google’s Go programming language to code new malware. The Encriyoko Trojan has some of its components written in Go that once installed on a target system attempts to encrypt files using the Blowfish algorithm thus rendering the files unusable. Symantec warns, "Restoration of the encrypted files will be difficult, if not impossible." Part information stealer, part file encrypter this Trojan is probably the first one coded in Google Go.

Submission + - Odd Things You Find In Your Facebook Data Dump (

jfruh writes: "Taking advantage of recent EU privacy rulings that apply to Facebook because the company's international HQ is in low-tax Ireland, Loek Essers managed to download all the data Facebook holds on him, and found some weird stuff. For instance, listed under his interests are two cities — one in Poland, one in Australia — that he's never heard of."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - 100 cities getting Sprint's 4G LTE (

colinneagle writes: Yesterday, Sprint announced plans to expand its LTE network to encompass an additional 100 markets in the next few months. As one might expect, major markets like Chicago and New York City are on the list, but a good number of mid-size and even smaller-sized cities are also getting the LTE love from Sprint. As it stands now, Sprint's 4G LTE service is only available in 19 areas, including Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and surrounding cities.

New 4G coverage areas include North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, and Puerto Rico. Click the link for the full list.

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