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Submission + - Thunderstorms proven to create antimatter 1

radioweather writes: Scientists using NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have detected beams of antimatter from thunderstorms in the form of positrons hurled into space. Scientists think the antimatter particles were formed in a terrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF), a brief burst produced inside thunderstorms and shown to be associated with lightning. "These signals are the first direct evidence that thunderstorms make antimatter particle beams," said Michael Briggs, a member of Fermi's Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) team. He presented the findings at a news briefing at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle. As the late, great, Johnny Carson of the Tonight Show used to say, “That is some weird, wild, stuff“.

Feed Techdirt: Cable Companies Accuse Verizon Of Shady Practices To Prevent Customers From Leav (techdirt.com)

Comcast and Time Warner have complained to the FCC that Verizon is taking unfair advantage in preventing customers from dropping their phone service. The basic story is that the cable companies have been offering deals on various "bundles" of TV, internet and phone service, all over cable. When customers agree to switch, most want to keep their existing home phone number (which is allowed under number portability rules). The cable companies take care of that part, informing the phone company of the switch -- at which point (the cable companies say) Verizon calls up those customers and offers them cash discounts to stick around. While it's quite common for telcos (or other firms for that matter) to offer customers who cancel deals to stay, this is somewhat different. The customer hasn't called to cancel in this case. It's just because Verizon owns the telephone network that it finds out about the switch and then proactively contacts the customers. Given the FCC's extra friendly terms with the telcos rather than cable co's, anyone think this has a chance of getting anywhere?

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Submission + - Embedded Linux Conference Coming to Silicon Valley

DeviceGuru writes: Developers thinking of using Linux as an embedded operating system won't want to miss the annual Embedded Linux Conference coming to Silicon Valley next month. The event boasts enlightening keynote talks by embedded Linux luminaries Andrew Morton, Tim Bird, and Henry Kingman, plus numerous technical sessions, BOFs, a technical showcase, good food, and laser tag. The long list of technical sessions covers topics such as Maemo, real-time performance, power management, multimedia, mobile phone extensions and enhancements, embedded graphics, fast boot, and many many more interesting topics.

Submission + - Method of Finding All 4th Order Diophantine Eqs (physorg.com)

eldavojohn writes: "It's an old problem first studied by Diophantus, the father of algebra — what are all the solutions for a^4 + b^4 + c^4 + d^4 = (a + b + c + d)^4? A paper published by a retired physicist and a mathematician shows a way to find them all by using elliptic curves and seeding your search with prior results. While your typical solution contains four variables of 200 digits long, it proves something thought impossible by Euler and shows how little we really know about massive numbers. These equations are commonly used in computations related to string theory."

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