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Submission + - The stunning Yosemite Park fire falls (Horsetail Falls) (

cold fjord writes: It is almost like finding something from Tolkien in our world: In Yosemite National Park, in most years, for a couple of weeks in winter, at sunset, the water flowing over Horsetail Falls briefly appears to be bright, almost glowing red as it falls to earth like lava. (No word on Frodo or the Ring) FTA:

photographing Horsetail is a lesson in astronomy, physics and geometry as hopefuls consider the azimuth degrees and minutes of the earth's orbit relative to the sun to determine the optimal day to experience it. They are looking for the lowest angle of light that will paint Horsetail the colors of an iridescent sunset as rays reflect off granite behind the water. It materializes in varying degrees of intensity for the same two weeks every year. 'If you hit it at just the right time, it turns this amazing color of gold or red-orange,' said Frye, a photo instructor with the Ansel Adams Gallery in the park.

You can find the AP story here. A Yosemite National Park video is here. (The impatient can skip to 2:18.) National Park Service page.

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