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Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 233

Who can afford to travel the nation just to 'protest'?

A lot of people, especially local people. A lot more people apparently can afford to travel to DC to protest than can afford to travel to attend Trump's inauguration.

People on political payrolls ... appearing to coordinate the violent ones.

Bullshit. Link to non-RW media video or STFU.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 233

Many have been filmed at protest after protest, around the nation. Like gromit deadheads.

Been happening for years, but Obama's justice department had no interest, so they got overconfident. As I said in another post, conspiracy laws are a bitch, the crime spreads like herpes.

Yes, many have been filmed protesting. But no one has been filmed getting paid. That is just a right-wing nutjob conspiracy.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 233

Bold assertion. Where do those chanting morons get their pot money? Many individuals have been filmed in many cities, there is clearly a roaming cluster fuck of fuckwits.

Now that the cops have all these phones, we'll see how far down the rabbit hole actually goes. Good news...

It is MUCH more bold to claim you have to pay people to protest Trump than to claim you don't have to pay them. Still waiting for my paycheck.

Comment Re:Not from "predominantly Muslim countries" (Score 1) 197

The secretary of state issued the memo after a Hawaii judge blocked the Trump administration's revised travel ban on citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries.

The ban is for six predominately islamic extremist countries. Are you bigoted against Muslims or something?

WTF? The countries are not "predominantly islamic extremist." That would require more than 50% of the population to be extremists.

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