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Comment Re:Better idea, not (Score 3, Insightful) 341

Legally-enforced prohibition never solved anything. Look what it has done for alcohol, narcotics, and traitors. They've been reduced, but haven't gone away. If you want to eliminate something then you need to destroy its habitat, and the natural habitat of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex predator is the unchecked flow of money that drives the current political process. As Scott alludes, Campaign Finance Reform ( is the single most important political issue in this country for any party, persuasion, or constituency. Our current system is built on the premise that money is equivalent to "speech", and that since speech cannot be restricted (1st Amendment), neither can financial support of campaigns. This is no more true than the idea that a corporation is a "person". Unlike money, speech is effective for its quality, not its quantity.

Comment Re:What about MySpace TOS? (Score 1) 339

By ["posting"] any Content on or through the MySpace Services, you hereby grant to a limited license to use, [...] and distribute such Content solely on and through the MySpace Services.

(above emphasis is mine) While the young lady retains her copyright to the content, it would seem that the newspaper may have violated MySpace's exclusive license to "use" that content. She might have a much more effective defense by siccing MySpace's layers on the paper than in attempting to defend her ownership rights to material she published.

Comment Re:DRM (Score 1) 417

Now, if you do have problems with piracy, might I suggest this alternative: by the Blu-ray disc, thus paying the content creator for their work, and then download a pirated copy. At least then you can still avail yourself of the rights (such as format shifting) that they're trying to take away from you.

How about this: I make a payment directly to the artist via an open-standards-based micropayment system, and then is doesn't matter where I get the content from or in what format, but preferably in the highest fidelity version I choose to pay for (including as little as bandwidth-only) from from first-hand or authorized second-hand distributors. Now get out there and write it.

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