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Comment Re:Alcohol is still a carcinogen so still irreleva (Score 1) 122

For goodness sake do not walk outside, particularly if there is traffic around. Nitrogen Dioxide is great at cell mutation. Lets face it pal your body is awash with mutagens and most of the time it does a pretty good job of fixing its genetic damage. I think we lack data on whether small amounts of alcohol are significantly worse than all the other crap we subject ourselves to, and alcohol at least makes life more fun for most people. I do totally agree though that it is correlated with cancer in large quantities and most people ignore that bit.

Comment Re:Yep, that's the entire point (Score 0) 84

Yup, which is why there are no IOT products in my home. No smart meters, no nest thermostats, just ethernet cable and firewalls. So the rest of you can frig off in a handcart to hell and if I am not run over by a self driving bus you morons can debug the stuff for me. Bye!

Comment Re: LineageOS (Score 1) 54

It has been very clear for years that mobile phone operating systems are completely compromised. Either the company that sold them to you is in charge of monetizing your every breath or state security services are watching your every move (and not necessarily your own state either). A well set up PC connected to the internet is slightly better but basically anything connected to the internet is owned by a corporation or several nation states. It does not matter for most of us in our day to day lives but forget using any of this stuff if you are a journalist with information that someone powerful does not like. Whether this is a problem is something we will only find out in a few decades. Personally I would keep a very docile and obedient profile if you want to stay healthy in the coming 50 years. This is what makes hating migrants as security threats such a joke, you can be sure that the state can destroy any of them that look a bit dodgy just as soon as they feel like it.

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Insightful) 202

A machine is likely to be safer at driving humans in very little time. I have been driving for more than 30 years and can attest that for at least the first 5 years I took too many risks and for the last five I probably have not been quick thinking enough for dynamic traffic situations. Society does not give a toss how safe you think you can drive, all society cares about is the total cost of road traffic accidents. Automatic driving is so close you can smell it.

Comment Re:Offsite backups become more and more important (Score 5, Insightful) 299

This just illustrates the fact that the criminal justice system has become a threat to ordinary non criminal non violent citizens. You think that immigrants, criminals or terrorists are the greatest threat to your security, but actually the greatest threat to you personally is your own countries bureaucracy. We used to think that Russia or the Chinese system were bad but basically the illusion of freedom is just that - an illusion. It is bizarre but the only people likely to have any sympathy for you are the 'hated leftists'. Be careful what propaganda you believe in, corrupt systems and corrupt politicians are not your friend.

Comment Re:And it's only (Score 2) 149

Presumably this explains why you posted this comment on an iPhone made in China? Get real, the tech playing-field is tilting away from the West if anything. This is cultural will power, whilst you are busy building a wall against the Mexicans the Chinese will be on the moon advertising for business and guess where everybody will be going shopping?

Comment Re:Risk Averse CEOs are holding us back (Score 1) 474

The argument is that you have no idea how complex and expensive the semiconductor industry is. Investments are educated guesses, the industry has a road-map where the known unknowns are researched years ahead of deployment. Carbon, Fairy Magic, whatever is investigated by research in Universities paid for very often by the road-mapping process. And that is why morons like you have actually heard of Carbon or Fairy Magic. The CEO's are taking big but mitigated risks by investing in the road-map. They are not like the clueless scumbags in the finance industry who sold sub prime mortgages to each other and bankrupted the planet.

Comment Re:Lack of Competition (Score 1) 474

Complete nonsense, competition in electronics hardware is blood curdling. There are no monopolies that are not five minutes from extinction. Companies that last more than a few years are as rare as rocking-horse droppings. Apple is admittedly a bit of an exception but even Apple is probably about to fall off the edge, after all they are just Nokia with better marketing.

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