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Comment It's not just federal, they're just the leader (Score 1) 143

Dumb policies scare tech giants away from any projects, not just "federal" ones.

The problem lies with the problematic organization, in this case, the federal bodies and agencies of the government. However, we all know government doesn't attract the best and the brightest, it attracts those with the pursuits of low men.

If I had a solution for you I'd share it, but it's a complex problem. Perhaps we can get some scientific studies done on the make up and functioning of politician brains (even if we have to hide it within another study), and then work to adjust those behaviors into roles that benefit our species as a whole.

Comment Re:Pleeeeeeeease? (Score 2) 276

So I don't see what the problem is :)

An opportunity to re-do all the CGI with the latest and greatest tech? Crowdfunded? Perhaps even "Director's Cut" with additional new filming to restore the creative vision as it would have been unhampered by financial or time pressures?

I'd get behind that. Look at it this way - even if crowd funded, it may/would create some jobs in the already tight U.S. FX industry.

Comment Move forward, not back. (Score 1) 914

So, I get the world is a terrible place sometimes, but if we're not actually going to strive to become something better, something more than we are in nature, then what is the point again? When can we stop being a punishment oriented culture and become a reward oriented one? You know, that whole carrot & stick thing?

Though, I still don't necessarily see rehabilitation being feasible in some select scenarios, but for those exceptional situations we have the utility of removing an individual from participation. In these situations you aren't punishing an individual, but solving an _active_ societal problem for the community when actual harm is being, or has been done.

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