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Comment solution - an iphone (Score 0) 374

problem solved, oh and I think the CTO for the federal government should be Steve Jobs once he feels better and the first project for the Obama administration should be to convert the entire government to Macs and OS X. Then we would be safe and effective as a nation!

Comment This is a manufactured crisis (Score -1, Offtopic) 258

We could work just fine well into the future with IPv4 if addresses were allocated based on true need. The reality is that NAT works fine and is the preferred solution in most situations. Yes there are many things you need a public routable address for but when we look at the public addresses in use most are either not in use or wasted. For example one client has 8 IPs and a service on each one but actually they could get away with just three because the same IPs could be used. In any case this will generate a great deal of revenue for an issue like most that could be easily avoided.

Comment UAC - worthless pain in the ass (Score 0) 390

Users are annoyed by UAC and because of their annoyance and the fact that its gives them little or no useful information they almost always just hit continue thereby making UAC even more worthless. There are far better third party solutions for people who want real UAC. We're staying on XP until I can evaluate Windows 7, if it isn't a drastic massive improvement then our migration will be to Linux which is getting to the point of being a useable business workstation if you have an decent IT person.

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