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Submission + - Under The Hood With Battlefield 4 (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: EA took the wraps off Battlefield 4 this past week, offering players a chance to experience a taste of what the game offers via an early beta. AMD has also been talking up Battlefield 4 in combination with their new Radeon R series line with a vengeance, highlighting the features of its new Mantle API and close partnership with DICE, Battlefield 4's developer. Sometimes, enough modest changes evolve into an entirely new product, and when you factor in the tessellation improvements, terrain deformation, Mantle API support, enhanced audio cues, and better particle effects, that's what BF4 is shaping up to be. And it appears likely the game is going to be a premiere title across all of the current and future consoles plus PCs. Battlefield 4 is going to be closely watched for a number of reasons; Mantle performance, comparisons between the Xbox 360 / PS3 and Xbox One / PS4 versions, and, of course, on its own merits.

Submission + - The Mad Scientist's Construction Kit (smartbear.com)

Esther Schindler writes: Software developers are uniquely suited to become mad scientists, points out Carol Pinchefsky: "What with the ability to go unnoticed, a few extra dollars in your pocket, and your background in technology, obviously you have what it takes to be the next Bond villain."

But sadly, there’s no one-stop shop for the on-the-go megalomaniac, so the future Doctor Doom has to do some advanced research. That doesn't stop Carol: she can give you all the information you need to rule the world. Let's see, we need a private island... an inner sanctum... don't forget the robot army... several more items. It's quite a list. Well, here's all the places to find any self-respecting geek's requirements for world domination. (If you don't giggle, I will be very ashamed of you.)

Submission + - SPAM: Introduction to PERL

getaprogrammer writes: As a programming language, Perl is known for creating dynamic web pages. The language is also known for its ability to perform system management tasks simultaneously.
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