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Comment Re:I only hope (Score 1) 157

It was downvoted because it wouldn't work. A large amount of scripts come from the same domain as html and css files and images. Host based blocking does not give you the fine grained control you'd need to block one but not the others. But somebody will say use a host file to block ad servers and some other fine grained blocker for the domains that matter to which I reply why use two blockers to do the job of one? This is why he who should not be named is such a worhtless troll, his solution doesn't actually solve real world problems.

Comment Re:Just as well (Score 1) 368

Why do people keep bringing up amd64 as if that some how invalidates the hundreds if not thousands of things intel as done over the last 50 years. Other than amd64 what has amd done in the last 10 years, a big fat nothing that's what. Who brought us the core duo, the core 2 duo, the core 2 quad, nehalem, sandy bridge, need I go on? The fact that everybody uses that one thing amd did over a decade ago to defend them should be a big flashing warning sign that the company is not very relevant in todays market. Stop living in the past.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 383

Two easily refutable arguments? Why so vague? What are they? Are you saying with absolute certainty that every single person running win7 has usb3, that you have not a single doubt in your heart or mind? How do you know this with such conviction? As for usb3 drivers that's a lot easier to prove. Don't really know why you're arguing against it when a quick google search can prove it.

Of course that's assuming those are the two easily refutable arguments you were talking about. I don't really know since you didn't say. Maybe instead of speaking in riddles you could get to the point.

Comment Re:This has become so common it isn't news anymore (Score 1) 354

The windows update on 10 and previous versions fits much of your description of linux update systems. ( I was going to spend some time pointing what the differences were but then I realized it should be obvious and I was too lazy anyway. ) Really the problem is not that microsoft doesn't do it but that they don't do it as well as other systems do. If windows 10 didn't have buggy updates and if reboots didn't take longer it would fit your description almost perfectly.

The longer shutdowns are obviously just poor design that have been around since windows 95 if not earlier. As for the buggy updates some of it is the lack of QA staff, but a lot of it is also the massive install base. Yes I know that answer is trite and nobody seems to believe it for whatever reason but it's true. and I'll put forth my own anecdote as proof. The buggy update that's the cause of this post on slashdot didn't happen to my windowns 10 machine at all, in fact none of the buggy updates that have been reported on slashdot have affected me at all. Not to say everything has been perfect because there was one update that caused a game I play to stop working (it also broke some other programs for other people). But slashdot never reported that buggy update because it didn't affect a lot of people which kind of sums up my point. There are a billion different configurations of windows so an update is pretty much guaranteed to break one of them. Microsoft is apparently unable to to find and fix all these broken configs before they push the update out. Whether that's due to incompetence, laziness or lack of money I'll leave up to other people to speculate on.

  People will probably call me a shill if I try to talk about this any more (if they haven't already) so I'll just leave it here.

Comment Re:This has become so common it isn't news anymore (Score 1) 354

That's the techie's answer to the question tho. For a normal user that doesn't know and doesn't want to know (aka grandma) they don't prevent updates because they keep up with the tech news and know it might break something, they prevent updates because they get in the way of the photos they want to upload to facebook or whatever. You said "have your update procress be buggy & annoying" but to the normal user the very existence of the update system itself is the annoyance. They don't want to be bothered by updates, ever. Window 10 forcing updates is a direct result of people not installing updates on all previous version of windows, stop and think about that for a minute.

Comment Re:This has become so common it isn't news anymore (Score 1) 354

I understand where you're coming from but I think this highlights why microsoft forced updates on windows 10. Users just want to turn their machine on to do X then turn it off. Update notices get in the way of that so users delay or prevent them so the updates never end up getting installed. Then their machine gets infected by a billion malware cause they haven't updated in over a year so their machine is full of holes. You say you just want to get work down now so don't bother you with updates but the updates need to be installed at some point so when is a good time for you?

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