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Comment shortsightedness and quarterly investors (Score 2) 26

mystified by the reluctance of some portfolio companies to avoid a stock market flotation. "They would benefit from the rigor and discipline that the public market requires," he said.

Maybe an idea which needs a year to properly develop an idea is justifiably afraid of quarterly meddling at the beginning.
That's discipline to avoid that short term trap

Comment Re: Duress print (Score 4, Interesting) 224

Converting the data to an unusable form ....

You said it yourself: "Converting". But it was unusable before (ie., encrypted) and is still encrypted. Hence, no meaningful conversion took place.

How about this: You could set up the system to unpack itself but with an algorithm that takes 20 years. It was locked before and now it is decrypting itself. You were asked to open it and you did.

All good things take time...

Comment Re: Duress print (Score 1) 224

That won't help you. Unless the "wipe" included fake usage and history, that's tampering with evidence and a crime all its own.

I think you have a good point that wiping a locked device might be construed as tampering with evidence. But what if it just reencrypted it a second time, maybe even with a random password but one you just don't know ?

IANAL but you didn't erase anything, it was locked before and now it is still locked. Maybe even do it so they could brute force in 10-20 years time?

Conveniently after the statute of limitations has run out.

Comment My brother also has the same Y chromosome as I do (Score 1) 282

As well as my father (obviously, that's who I got it from) and my paternal uncle, etc. At the risk of offending sensibilities, how do they correct for a relative cockolding, since they only look at the Y chromosome? And in a typical little village 400 years ago, there might only have been 5-10 or so unrelated Y chromosomes floating around.

Comment Re:Terrorism! (Score 4, Informative) 158

Funny how these "Terrorist tracking programs" fail to track the US government, the Saudi government and a bunch of other western governments when these happily finance terrorism. But god forbid you try to rent a US movie with a foreign credit card to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime, you terrorist you.

whether one agrees with him/her or not, who the hell marked this as a troll ?

There is a great deal of evidence that the US and SA funded terrorists.

I thought Slashdot was here to encourage exchange of opinions, even if unpopular with people living in the US or Saudia Arabia...

Comment Re:Fraud Detected In Headline? (Score 2) 357

According to wikipedia: fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain

In the article, it says " under scrutiny for alleged data manipulation". In addition, since the article states that "these papers have been used politically" (the potential gain), it sounds like they they are investigating potential fraud to me.

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