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Comment Re:The Guardian article is not accurate (Score 2) 477

Thanks a lot taikedz for this sharp reading of the original article.

It's not at all "after hour" but only to preserve (remind of) the legal 11h break between workdays that is already in the law to avoid harming the employees health. The new catch is that it's an obligation for the employer to put some measures in place and define these hours. And you are right, it's not a law but the result of a negotiation (and not a violent one) between employees/employers unions

It leaves 13h a day 5 1/2 days a week for heavy workers to be connected : ~70 hours availability (max) paid 35... let's compare productivity now.

I know some journalists these days like to criticize France (mainly French ones, in France we are the world champ' on criticizing ourselves, look, I did it myself) but work habits, especially in IT, are not cool/lazy at all. French geeks like it long and dense like most geeks... Laws around innovation activities are quite interesting in France (less to no taxes and many public help), IT/science schools/universities are quite good as well, and the work market (the one I know, in IT) is still in favor of employees.

Comment Re:My Single Sign On (Score 1) 446

I totally agree, and still don't understand why people would want to give that to any service provider.
For years on Mac I have been using keychain (well more or less the same thing as keepass as I understand its features but provided with Mac OsX). I just keep it safe and synced.
The point is what people ask for : simplicity and security (well even if not asked for, if this one is not there, soon it'll blow in their face), not a single identity.
An amazing thing with passwords is that current OS correctly configured and a password manager are more secure than what a service provider can offer (basically because they concentrate the threat by centralizing, have ops, backup/copy data not always that well...)

Submission + - iPhone Safari WebApps Now Have GPS Functionality (

Mike writes: Safari on iPhone 3.0 now supports navigator.geolocation from the W3C Geolocation API Draft Spec. In short developers can develop web apps with GPS functionality.
Some of this apps may have a better chance of being monetize, since web app listing on can get considerable traffic to the web app compare to the apps store variety.

from the story:
"With the recent release of iPhone OS 3.0, lots of goodies were added to the iPhone. Even more than we expected. One major addition, however, has managed to slide entirely under the radar. This new feature allows web apps to access and display GPS information. "


Submission + - Microsoft: We tested SQL Server for Exchange 2010 (

CWmike writes: "Microsoft admits it had "absolutely" considered replacing the maligned storage engine in its Exchange e-mail server software, Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) or "Jet", with its SQL Server database. But "after much debate," the company decided to stick with the existing database in Exchange and issued a promise of a significant performance boost to it in Exchange 2010, Microsoft said in a blog post today. Some analysts are still predicting that Microsoft will switch to SQL Server in a future Exchange version, perhaps in the subsequent version slated to ship in 2013. Microsoft said that it's keeping its options open beyond Exchange 2010 and that the company is only committed "to stay on ESE at this time.""

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