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Submission + - Is Slashdot's news aggregate model viable anymore? 1

cjjjer writes: "In this day and age of people updating their status on Twitter, FaceBook, [insert latest social network site here] and how quickly news is gathered and available to us within minutes of it happening I find the /. news aggregate model rather outdated. I am finding more often than not I am reading news/articles on some other sites RSS feed sometimes days before it shows up on the front page of /.. For example this article I already read about here two days ago.

So my question is if it wasn't for the colorful and often hilarious commentary would you even bother with /. as a way to get up to the date "News For Nerds"?"
Data Storage

Submission + - Seagate's Hard Drive Woes Continue

cjjjer writes: "Back in January /. reported about Seagate's Hard Drive Fiasco and how it was a possible PR nightmare. Well things are getting worse, the community forum on Seagate's site has been a battle field of war cry's from flashing issues to problems with drives dropping out of RAID configurations after being flashed with "fixed" firmware. Of course there is the possibility of a class action suit being brought up against Seagate."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - The Red Ring of Death = New 3 Year Warranty

cjjjer writes: "In an open letter from Peter Moore today Microsoft is extending the terms of its Xbox 360 warranty to three years for certain general hardware failures which are indicated by three flashing red lights on the console. This will apply to new and existing customers and we will retroactively pay back the out-of-warranty repair costs paid by customers for console problems indicated by the three flashing red lights."

Submission + - Can Google protect us from Malware?

cjjjer writes: "Looks like Google and friends are getting proactive about cleaning up the Internet experience for it's users. Berkman Center for Internet & Society, the Oxford Internet Institute, Google, Lenovo, and Sun Microsystems have teamed up to form is a "Neighborhood Watch" campaign committed to fighting badware by providing reliable, objective information about downloadable applications so that consumers can make informed choices when they download programs to their computers (so the site says). The idea is not much different than MS's anti-phishing filter. Stop the user from going to the web site that has been reported with malware, inform the user what the problem is and why they should not continue. This is an example of what you may encounter from clicking on a search result."

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