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Journal Journal: New Idea for producing movies.

I am working on a way to make movies in a more open source copy left sort of way.

By this I mean viewer / fan funded and freely distributable movies that would be in essence owned by the creative commons.

I would like to create a company that just makes SciFi films that are targeted towards hard core fans, based on Classic Novels and done in a way that respects the authors intentions and follows the book. I want views who read the book to be able to say wow, this is even better then what I envisioned with reading the book. I think if this is done correctly we could offer the Authors a far better deal then traditional Hollywood, by respecting their works as well as a better deal financially.

The idea it to get interested viewers to join up on a site, where membership fees would fund the movies production costs. They would also have access to the movie online and could also receive a BlueRay or DVD completed movie when it's done.

I am toying with the possibility that RAW Digital Cinema / HD could be made available for member where anyone could come out with their own "Remix" of the movie, changing the editing, music or any other parts.

Nice thing it the movie wouldn't need to make much profit to be successful and finance the next story. Using modern HD video we could shoot the whole movie in HD like the last 3 Star Wars was and many current movies out like Speed Racer.

Anyone interested in this please contact me.

Please help me flesh out this concept and let's get something going.

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