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Threads Considered Harmful 266

LBR9 writes "James Reinders compares native threads with the goto statement so famously denounced 40 years ago by Edsger Dijkstra. Paraphrasing Dijkstra, he says they both 'make a mess of a program,' and then argues in favor of a higher level of abstraction. A couple of people commenting on the post question whether or not we should be even be treading into the 'swamp of parallelism,' echoing the view recently espoused by Donald Knuth."

Submission + - CompUSA not CompUSA - no returns - no help 1

Simon Tag writes: "Location: Clive, IA — CompUSA — 7:00pm
I went shopping this evening at CompUSA for a digital camera frame. First thing that I noticed was signs and banners everywhere stating closing, going out of business, and all sales final!!!! All sales final?? So after waiting for 20 minutes for help and not getting any I took my camera to the counter and asked what the return policy was. The man at the counter rather smugly said "none". I questioned him and said "so if I purchase this and it will not work 10 minutes after I purchase it what happens?". He responded to me there are no returns under any circumstances and went on to tell me how "they" were so strict about this policy. I further questioned and a different employee stepped in and said "this is not CompUSA anymore, they don't exist." Interesting! Since I was standing in a CompUSA and they were wearing CompUSA shirts. They also have signs that state that you are not allowed to open any item. So no testing for anyone, you have to buy it then you can't return it."
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Holiday Boardgame Shopping Guide at GamerDad (

hapycamper writes: GamerDad has released a rundown of some of the year's best boardgames and other activities. Perfect for the last minute shopper looking for something to play face to face with family or friends. Suggestions include To Court the King, a dice rolling game like Yahtzee but with super powers, and a very pretty two player game Duel in the Dark that simulates British night bombing runs against the German countryside.

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