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Submission + - Blizzard: Diablo 3 on Linux Possible, But Demand Must Be There (

trawg writes: "As the release draws closer, Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson from Blizzard has been working hard to keep the community updated. On a press trip to Australia last week, Jay answered a wide range of questions in this video interview (transcript provided) on topics such as PvP, patch releases, game difficulty, and the potential for D1 or D2 being re-released in HD form. He also touches on the subject of a Linux release of the game: '... I don’t think that it would be outrageous, but I think that we’d have to see that there’d be a demand for it. And then we’d have to see that that demand would be worth the time we take away from the other things that we could do.' So it sounds unlikely in the short term, but there's a glimmer of hope for the future."

Submission + - Studies Suggest Massive Increase in Scientific Fraud (

Titus Andronicus writes: Scientific fraud has always been with us. But as stated or suggested by some scientists, journal editors, and a few studies, the amount of scientific “cheating” has far outpaced the expansion of science itself. According to some, the financial incentives to “cut corners” have never been greater, resulting in record numbers of retractions from prestigious journals.

From the article: “For example, the journal Nature reported that published retractions had increased tenfold over the past decade, while the number of published papers had increased by just 44 percent.”


Submission + - FBI: Child porn "computer expert" added to Top Ten Fugitive list ( 1

coondoggie writes: "The FBI today placed Eric Justin Toth, a former private-school teacher and computer expert who is believed to regularly use the Internet and social networking websites on its Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List. Toth is accused of possessing and producing child pornography, has been on the run since warrants for his arrest were issued in Maryland and the District of Columbia in 2008. There is a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to Toth's arrest."

Submission + - Why humans have pretty much stopped evolving ( 2

Kidipede writes: "Never thought of this before, but Ian Tattersall explains that organisms can evolve quickly only in small isolated groups with a limited gene pool, so that a mutation can really take hold. In huge gene pools like modern cities, mutations are quickly muted by the dominance of the older DNA and evolutionary change becomes nearly impossible. It's not the main point of the story, but it's a good point."

Submission + - Security Hole Exposes Android, iOS To Facebook Identity Theft

An anonymous reader writes: Gareth Wright, a U.K.-based developer of apps for Android and iOS, has discovered a security hole in Facebook’s native mobile apps that he says can be used to steal personal information about you. The problem is that Facebook’s apps for the two platforms do not encrypt your login credentials, meaning they can be easily swiped over a USB connection, or more likely, via malicious apps.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: No comprehensive app for Slashdot yet? ( 4

CCarrot writes: While looking for a comprehensive Slashdot app for Android, I was somewhat shocked to find that there isn't one out there (yet). There are plenty of apps that allow you to read stories and comments, including this one that lets you download and read stories and comments offline, however there are none (that I could find) that allow you to a) log in, or even b) post comments, not to mention check on friends' posts, monitor your comment history and replies, moderate posts, etc., etc.

To be fair, the mobile version of the site is very usable on cellphones and such, although html markup is rather a pain on a phone. It just surprises me that nobody has developed a dedicated app for it yet, especially considering that /. is 'news for nerds'. Any thoughts? Is one of the regular readers currently developing one in their oh-so-abundant 'spare' time? Or would anyone even use such an app if it were available? (besides me, of course...)


Submission + - Microsoft: RDP Vulnerability Should be Patched Immediately (

wiredmikey writes: Microsoft is urging organizations to apply the sole critical update in this month’s Patch Tuesday release as soon as possible. The critical bulletin – one of six security bulletins issued as part of today’s release – addresses two vulnerabilities in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Those IT admins who use RDP to manage their machines over the internet, which is essentially the default in cloud-based installations such as Amazon’s AWS, need to patch as quickly as possible, said Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek.

Besides the RDP bugs, this month’s Patch Tuesday addressed five other vulnerabilities: two denial-of-service bugs and an escalation of privileges issue in Microsoft Windows; a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Expression Design; and an escalation of privileges issue in Microsoft Visual Studio. All those issues are rated ‘important’ with the exception of one of the Windows’ denial-of-service bugs, which is rated ‘moderate.’


Submission + - White House CIO describes "worst day" ever (

dcblogs writes: In the first 40 days of President Barack Obama’s administration, the White House email system was down 23% of time, according to the White House CIO Brook Colangelo, the person who also delivered the “first presidential Blackberry.” The White House IT systems inherited by the new administration were in bad shape. Over 82% of the White House's technology had reached its end of life. Desktops, for instance, still had floppy disk drives, including the one Colangelo delivered to Rahm Emanuel, Obama's then chief of staff and now Mayor of Chicago. There were no redundant email servers.

Submission + - Will labor productivity slowdown spur hiring binge? (

bdking writes: Some new numbers from the U.S. Labor Department indicate that the ground is being set for companies to start hiring more workers because current employees are hitting the limits of their productivity. And with increased IT needs often accompanying a workforce expansion, this presumably would bode well for tech professionals.

Submission + - Augmented Reality Just the Start for Motion-Control Apps (

An anonymous reader writes: Software development kits (SDKs) from micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer and gyroscope makers have already enabled the augmented reality (AR) revolution in smartphones and tablets by allowing motion-control to unlock hidden content in the style of 'x-ray glasses' as witnessed at the recent Mobile World Congress. However, a whole new array of motion-enabled applications are on the horizon that tout: you ain't seen nothin' yet. I love using motion to control my smartphone and tablet--like using 'raise to speak' in Siri. I say bring it on.

Submission + - Contradictions in Security Perception vs. Reality (

Orome1 writes: McAfee announced the State of Security report showing how IT decision-makers view the challenges of securing information assets in a regulated global business environment. Organizational awareness and protection against information security risks is very important. However, many companies are uncertain about their IT security posture in terms of awareness and protection. Despite having formal strategic plans, 34 percent of the companies believe they are not adequately protected against information security risks which could impact their business. Almost a third of organizations surveyed have either not purchased or not yet implemented many of the next-generation security technologies that are designed to address current-day threats, despite more than 80 percent of the organizations identifying malware, spyware and viruses as major security threats.

Submission + - Newt Gingrich Rips NASA (

gabbo529 writes: "In a debate of possible Republican candidates for presidency, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrinch tore into NASA.

The debate was the first for the 2012 Presidential Election and featured seven Republican candidates, some unofficial and some official. Gingrinch, who has formerly made a bid for Presidency, was asked a question about the role government should play in future space exploration. Gingrich made it clear he wasn't a fan of the space agency.

"Well, sadly — and I say this sadly, because I'm a big fan of going into space and I actually worked to get the shuttle program to survive at one point — NASA has become an absolute case study in why bureaucracy can't innovate," Gingrich said."

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