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Submission + - BBC shows off 33-megapixel Super Hi-Vision Olympic footage

chrb writes: Engadget has reviewed the BBC's 33-megapixel Super Hi-Vision Olympic footage — 'while watching the swimming event and cut-down highlights of the opening ceremony, there were moments when we could almost have believed we were looking not at a projected image, but rather through a window direct onto the Olympic Stadium or Aquatics Center itself.'

Submission + - Android mini computer selling for just $74

chrb writes: The MK802 is slightly larger than a thumbdrive and has a microSD card slot to add to its built-in 4GB flash storage. Wi-Fi is also supported. It comes with a Mali 400 GPU that enables it to output 1080p video through HDMI.

Submission + - Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone unveiled

chrb writes: Samsung has unveiled the latest version of its flagship smartphone — the Galaxy S3 — featuring a 4.8 inch 720p Super AMOLED screen, 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB RAM and dual 8MP and 1.9MP cameras. The phone will be available from the end of May in Europe.

Submission + - 'Revenge porn' website closed by owner

chrb writes: Notorious web site, which encouraged visitors to upload and share intimate "revenge" pictures of ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends, has closed. The site's owner, who was making up to $20,000 a month from selling advertising, says he closed the site to make a stand against under-age bullying, and has transfered the domain to an anti-bullying group.

Submission + - Nokia shares slump 14% following profit warning

chrb writes: Nokia shares plunged 14% following a profit warning on Wednesday. Nokia is now predicting its mobile revenue will be about €4.2bn, a 40% year-on-year fall, which translates to a loss of €126m. The company expects to continue making a loss for the next quarter. Nokia's share of the smartphone market is now less than 10%. Nokia shares have dropped more than 50% since it announced the move to Microsoft in February 2011.

Submission + - TVShack creator's US extradition approved 3

chrb writes: British student Richard O'Dwyer, creator of the TVShack website, has had his extradition to the United States approved by Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May. Mr O'Dwyer now has 14 days to appeal the decision. The extradition was requested by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which has accused O'Dwyer of aiding copyright infringement by publishing links to pirated content hosted on external sites.

Submission + - Apple Loses German Court Bid to Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, Nexus Phone

chrb writes: Apple has failed to get a patent ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N and the Nexus phone in Germany. Presiding Judge Andreas Mueller stated "Samsung has shown that it is more likely than not that the patent will be revoked because of a technology that was already on the market before the intellectual property had been filed for protection". The patent in question covered list scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display. This news follows the recent Appeals court ruling that upheld the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban.

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