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Comment Re:It is filtering out wikipedia content (Score 1) 369

I taught in Saudi Arabia during the last year. There's a mandatory Google safe search there. For the first few months I taught English before teaching IT. When students would ask what certain words meant, I'd show them pictures on Google images. Occasionally, the word wouldn't show. These were non-porn words. I wish I could remember what some of those words were because I'd like to check to see if they're also blocked in the US. What a fucked up thing, Google.

Comment Re:Pair (Score 1) 349

Sorry, I posted that while doing five other things. On my site, I have 17 out of 600 questions from the MMPI test (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). That test is owned by NCS Pearson, Inc. They had (have?) their attorneys send out DMCAs. There was an article on slashdot about the same attorney going after someone else for posting 75 questions.

I filed a counter-notification because 17 questions is fair use. Two months later I got a 2nd DMCA about the same thing, from the same attorney. I sent Pair my 2nd Chilling Effect notice disputing the same DMCA. Pair said if they get sued, that they'll sue me for damages.

I wasn't sure if Pair paid attention to my first counter-notification. I asked about it a couple times. That took a week or two to get answered since I think they had to consult their attorney. They said I should've just played along and removed the 17 questions and that they'd disable my entire site if they got a 3rd complaint about those questions. They also said I should feel free to move to another provider.

All in all, a long way of saying, that I don't think Pair is big enough to handle the VPN for the Navy ship. Although maybe they've grown in the last few years.

Comment Re:Pair (Score 1) 349

Thanks for your advice. It's mostly about Pair saying they didn't care about my DMCA dismissal* and telling me if it happened again, they'd yank my site.

The email thing is just a reminder to leave. My contract ends in August and I'll move along.

* Done through Chilling Effects then I had a lawyer look it over. I donated money to EFF.

Comment Re:Pair (Score 1) 349

I was letting gmail handle my account from Pair. The spam ratio got big enough that Google complained to Pair and Pair cut me off from sending all my email to Google. I went a month without cleaning it out seeing how many spam messages I'd get. 10,000 appears to be the limit for Google.

I've also had a problem by objecting to a false DMCA complaint. Pair said I was the only one who objected rather than just remove the wrongly perceived complaint. They told me if there's another complaint that they will close my account.

I've had a Pair acct for over 10 years on an abandoned site that I overpay for. I think I'll be moving along when my contract ends this year.

Comment Re:First dissent (Score 2) 2416

Have you been to an ER in the US? I've waited 8 hours before. When I was in Australia and ran out of anti-seizure medication (held up in Customs) getting some more was wonderful. The confusing part was how to bill me since I'm American.

I think mandatory coverage (health care, vehicle coverage) should have a gub'mint provided way of doing it..

Submission + - The Oatmeal Threatened With Lawsuit, Responds By Raising $50,000 For Charity (

kelarius writes: The lawyers for image sharing website sent a letter to Matthew Inman (the owner of threatening a lawsuit and demanding $20,000 to make the whole thing go away. In response, Inman made a joke about trying to raise the $20,000 and donating it to the National Wildlife Fund and the American Cancer Society. Over the course of three hours, he has managed to raise over $50,000 and it appears that the amount is still going up.

Comment Re:Profit (Score 2) 164

Using google as a mostly blind search doesn't equal the advice you'd get from /. What you've seen and what's recommended here (even with the grain of salt) are different things.

I'm using IAPS ( It works ok. Facebook knows it's a proxy and sometimes won't refresh when other things do. $105/year. I'm not sure if it's worth it, but it's the choice I made. Saudi laws are very strict but it was stopping me from Rolling Stone magazine (reading Matt Taibbi's blog/columns) that got me off my ass.

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