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Submission + - Catblock finally becomes a reality ( 1

chihowa writes: First seen as an April Fool's gag from the author of ChromeAdblock, Catblock can now be a permanent part of your Chrome or Safari browsing experience. Replacing ads with pictures of adorable cats, Catblock allows you to avoid ads (while seeing how full of ads most websites are!) while getting your needed daily dose of cat.

Submission + - Is Siri competitor, Vlingo, a DHS spy app? 1

chihowa writes: This morning I finally decided to give Vlingo, a competitor of Apple's Siri, a try on my iPhone 3GS. When I hit the "Listen" button, though, the app attempted to connect to I blocked this connection (using Firewall iP) and the app no longer works, complaining "Oops... Can't connect to server."

Is Vlingo some sort of spy app collecting voices of citizens or something? Can anyone else confirm this?

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