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Comment Re:People hate each other more (Score 4, Insightful) 312

I think that this cheerleading of hate from the establishment and overall atmosphere of divisiveness is very deliberate.

It looks like a classic "divide and rule" strategy to keep the people at each others' throats and continually blaming each other for the state of affairs instead of having everybody looking toward their governments, politicians, and "thought leaders". Those in power are making a killing on the current state of affairs and are getting wealthier every day. They don't want this gravy train to stop rolling.

Comment Re:Email tie-in (Score 2) 72

If you can't handle running your own mailserver, point your domain MX records to a hosted service and let them handle it. Hosted mail for a single account is not expensive and if they hike the prices or start acting janky, then you just move to another service. You'll have all of the benefits of hosted email and the opportunity to keep your email address forever, typically for less than $10/month.

My non-technical mother-in-law does this and if she ever needs to switch mail providers, she can ask me for help. She's done it once before by herself and it's not hard (there are tutorials on both the registrar's and the email providers' sites).

Comment Re: I'm a scientist (Score 1) 149

OK. I see what you're saying and I agree with you.

As the other reply said, though, disproving the postulation that peer review can be generally trusted isn't exactly a revelation. After taking part in the peer review process from either side, even with the high-end journals, you really lose a lot of faith in the process. Statistically, it's certainly better than no peer review at all, but there's no guarantee that a paper will be improved by the process. In a lot of these fly-by-night journals, it's a total joke.

I don't mean to totally bash your point, because it is a revelation to the general public who have been (or are being) sold on the integrity of the peer review process.

Comment Re:Could climate science be affected, too? (Score 1) 149

I'm a scientist and I don't give two shits about any "authority" of science and have little unreserved trust in peer review. Likewise for "true science", whatever that is. Those are terms that apply more to religion or politics, which you can keep for yourself.

Science, as far as I'm interested in it, is all about well controlled variables and repeatability. I've seen plenty of published work that I'm skeptical about and what I take away from those works is that they can't be trusted. Implying that all of science (or the scientific method) is phony because some published results are fishy is incredibly simple-minded.

Comment Re:Not so much fantasy since 2010 (Score 2) 171

Getting a person there with something better than chemical rockets is just fantasy since if you got the vehicle to move fast enough even the cosmic background radiation will be shifted enough to irradiate people to death.

You have to be traveling at 0.999999 c before the cosmic background radiation becomes visible, but not yet even ionizing. Even with local variations in the background, you need to be well over 0.9999 c before it becomes dangerous. There's plenty of usable velocity below 0.9999 c!

Comment Re:Still uses gas (Score 1, Insightful) 206

Yeah? What's the half-life of CO2? Would you be happy living on Venus?

The radioactive waste that lasts for hundreds of thousands of years isn't particularly dangerous due to its radioactivity (as heavy metals, it's chemically more dangerous). The volume of waste is not horribly difficult to deal with if we could actually do that instead of cutting corners and basing our decisions on profits and hysteria.

Solar, tidal, geothermal, wind and water may directly produce little waste, but they each also have environmental impacts to varying degrees. A fusion reactor will irradiate its containment vessel and produce scary radioactive stuff, too.

TANSTAAFL. The best approach is to make rational decisions with the goal of fulfilling rational objectives.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 0) 440

It's Europe, so I'm assuming that they either:

1) Don't wash their clothes very often and smell rank all of the time. Maybe they wait for a sunny day and clean their clothes then.

2) Use a clothes dryer, but then pretend that they don't in international forums to preserve their silly self-image.

Comment Re:A homemade 6809 (Score 1) 857

I had an Atari 800 too and have vaguely fond memories of it (I only had one floppy drive), but the first computer that was actually fairly capable was an 8088 IBM PC Convertible. It was a desktop or a laptop (that weighed 13 lbs without the modular printer, video module, and serial port expander) and would put your legs right to sleep! By the time I was done with it, I had wired all sorts of new stuff into it.

That was the system that really sparked my interest in computers.

Comment Re:One party government (Score 2) 341

Unfortunately, they do try that shit every time they get even a slight majority.

If the Dems would drop the "OMG gunz!!1!" issue, they would get a lot more support. Drop the identity politics, too, and they'd become a pretty reasonable party (if still heavily authoritarian, like almost all US parties).

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