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Submission + - SPAM: Shirdi Sai baba~Experiece SAI Online in a New &

saideep writes: SAI-ka-AANGAN is fully dedicated for the spiritual renaissance movement which encompasses a wide range of spiritual activities. Keeping "SHRADHA & SABURI" in mind, we reach you and be with you, in all your efforts. We are trying to help and guide you, in return we need your valuable co-operation for the spiritual growth and happiness of everyone from all backgrounds, to help each & everyone to become positive contributor to the society.Please feel free to post under appropriate Topic heads and We welcome you once again to our Sai Family on behalf of all the family members.

Our mission in "SAI-KA-AANGAN" is to provide smooth environment to gather,worship,pray,share views and dilemmas with each other. This adventure is not to compete nor to defeat anybody but as a vision of SHRI SAI to move ahead towards spirituality, being impartial in religion, people or country.

In this beautiful virtual temple,We DO NOT accept any type of donations, solicitation, personal or commercial advertising, to improve or help this site.However we will be thankful for your valuable suggestions and opinions for the improvement of this Online Mandir. This is pure and humble 'Sai Service' without any expectation or anticipation.

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