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Comment Re:I do not get it... (Score 1) 415

When operating an automobile, you should be paying attention to:

The girls walking beside the road.

Especially the 22 year olds wearing sexy form-fitting blouses and hot curvy pants. Or preferably lacy négligée-like blouses with spaghetti straps, and non-denim shorts that really emphasize their curves and bring attention to their perfectly-shaped legs ...

Comment Re:What About The Parents? (Score -1, Troll) 436

ME: "Are you planning to get married soon?"

Son or Daughter: "No!"

ME: "Then you don't need to date. Dating's purpose is to meet a marriage partner, and since you're not getting married at age 15 or 16, then you don't need to perform that search. Once you decide you're ready to get married THEN you can date."

It's also worth noting that dating can lead to unintended consequences like babies (even with birth control), which would be disasterous for someone who hasn't completed their college education yet.

Comment Re:Yeah, sure, for about a millisecond... (Score 2, Funny) 344

I mean, yes, it would all fit into an Olympic swimming pool. For about a millisecond. Then it would go critical, and your swimming pool would be an area the size of texas covered in a very thin layer of radioactive waste, plus a big glass pit in the middle.

But for that millisecond, you'd have the most awesomely radical Olympic swim meet in the history of mankind.

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