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Submission + - Project Timer version 3.0a now released - help wan (

SF:buckwheat469 writes: The 3.0 alpha release is available for download. This is a reworked version which makes some parts stronger and strips functionality from older sections of the project system. Help is wanted to strengthen this project system. There is a lot to be done with hopes of integrating it with other systems in the future. If you know PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and AJAX/JSON and you want to join a project then join this one. This is a fledgling project that is an idea with a lot of room to grow, you can be a part of it.

Submission + - Palm's webOS root image leaks out (

Kohenkatz writes: "As noted in's forums, the "webOS Reset Doctor" has been leaked. It includes the webOS root image.

From the article:
"Code-inclined individuals on the PreCentral forums have already cracked open the ROM and are getting an unfettered glimpse at the Palm's new platform, which for the layman means it should open the doors for some crazy Pre hacking and possibly hint, by way of unfinished / unused code, of what's to come for the platform — and if we're really lucky, maybe someone will be able to look at this and move us one step closer to an unlocked Pre that could jump onto Verizon's network. Amusingly, you also get to see all the comments left by the devs in the code, guaranteeing a few good chuckles from others who can relate. Intrepid computer science-ers can hit up the read link to find the appropriate .jar file or just follow along with all the fun in the forum discussion.""

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