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Comment sigh. nothing to see here. move along .. (Score 1) 175

this has been a possibility for quite some time (in the tens of years) - having worked in said industry many years ago. I suspect that these 'researchers' finally realized this, and needed some press in our economic downturn. Anything that is connected to 'them there intertubes' could, in theory (and likely in practice) be 'the next vector'.

Comment only 2 scenarios (Score 1) 276

only 2 real scenarios that my feeble mind can comprehend from this.

1 - someone dislikes the NASA program, enters Space center .. places bag at nice sorta easy place to be found .. bam, discredit.
2 - astronaut wants to take some coke to space, as he/she cannot stand sleeping in space (is that a pun?), or having the latest Russian/American/(insert country here, really) creep watch you sleep. at the last second before take off .. said astronaut loses nerve, ditches the drug, hops on the shuttle .. and heads into the history books. bam, someone who dislikes NASA program finds coke.

my 2 cents.

Comment Domestic Cars lose ground to Foreign Imports! (Score 1) 299

Every time I read about browser wars, it reminds me of the domestic cars in the 60s/70s .. leading into the 90s and new millenia. More and more, domestic cars lose ground to better made, better driven imports -- and we as consumers see the benefit. All that was really required was a little competition, and education.. domestics will get better slightly, then hit bankruptcy, then come out of bankruptcy with a viable product. If we transpose that onto the browser wars, MS will have a decent product in about 5 years, but will have completely lost face and market share to just about every foreign maker imaginable.

just some odd thought/ramble. cheers

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 275

you mustn't understand how companies deal with their capital expenditures, and replacement costs of infrastructure.

a company is going to replace network gear typically every 5 years or so. same company may replace servers every 3 years depending on need/workload.
those replacements are typically spelled out 6 months prior to the year in which they are replaced, and the new cost is put into the capex. capex goes through approvals, and typically gets a nice little chop because IT wants to add/replace too much. capex goes back to IT Director, who plays with the numbers, removes a few upgrades, sends capex upward for approval.

once approved, engineers are going to replace gear that will benefit the organization for the next 3 to 5 years, where the cycle will repeat itself. and because the spend is kept artificially low, only the most deserving pieces get the money.

why would engineers think to deal with IPv6 if IPv4 is not a real pressing issue when upgrading? the pressing issue is going to be the pressure to lower latency, remove bottlenecks, and scale bandwidth. when your boss(es) are breathing down your neck because you dropped 500K on some new gear, the last thing you're thinking about is solving the internet's (someone else's) problems.

Comment Re:They're afraid of ZFS (Score 2, Informative) 231

While people are buying $250,000 NetApp installations, the exact same hardware, performance and connectivity will go for $5000 of high-end hardware and a couple of hours work with ZFS

lies. having worked in this industry for far too long, when I see bullshit claims like this, I have to call it. There is no way in hell you will get multiple trays of 15k rpm FCAL storage and redudant FAS controllers for 5k, I dont care if you're Samuel Jackson in the negotiator.

I run multiple datacenters with emc, hp and netapp filers -- if you pay 250k for a netapp installation, you're pretty much getting what you pay for. what you're paying for is IOPS, disk caching, and throughput. You can turn to just about any storage provider, you will pay the same price for similar enterprise grade hardware. All I ask is that when you're stringing your two cans together, you leave out the reference to how alike it is to a 'real enterprise grade' product -- because talking about petabytes of SATA isn't even in the same continent, let alone the same country.

Comment Re:Stop posting articles from arXiv! (Score 1) 650

Well, that's a little bit like saying, "I lost a quarter over there by the wall, but I'm searching here because it's got better lighting"

There was this time period, way back when, when a couple guys with names like Kepler and Galileo, decided to look at planetary motion in a different light, taking it from a 'different angle' of the hows/whys celestial bodies would appear to spin in the night sky. maybe I'm off base, but sounds pretty much like someone looking at this in a different light, proposing a different theory that lines up with the cosmos.

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