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Comment An Educated Christian Point of View (Score 3, Insightful) 723

Premise: How do we celebrate Jesus in Christmas? Historic facts: We don't know the real time of Christ's birth "Christmas" was a pagan holiday taken over by early Christians Commercialism inherent in modern Christmas is counterindicated to anything Godly or holy Christ's birth was God's D-Day; the invasion of His Victor into the home territory of the enemy. It was surrounded by war which we are still in/fighting Subjective dilemmas: I *like* "Christmas". I like the tree and the decorations and the cheesey music and my red and green plaid hightop Converse sneakers with the Christmas wreath on the circular patches. I really like the presents. Giving and receiving. Having giving as a love language means I get to express how I feel to those around me in a scheduled, organized manner once a year. I still want to acknowledge Christ's birth. I want to celebrate "Christmas" and I want to celebrate Christ's birth but my brain can't wrap around the concept of it coming together. I don't want to share "Christmas" and I don't want to gip Christ's birth. I don't necessarily need society's approval or guidance in celebrating Christ's birth. I don't need their permission or their calendar. I don't need it sanctioned by them and, in fact, it would probably be best if they had very little to do with it. Proposition: I propose we move Christmas--the celebration of Christ's birth--to the 24th. The fact that we don't get it off work would make the Christian community fight harder for it. It will be a day of introspection, of celebration, of remembering His birth and the spiritual surroundings and consequences thereof. At the end of the day, we go to the "Christmas Eve" service at church and then come home and eat clam chowder. The 25th is still a holiday, called "Present Day." Get up early, open your stockings, revel in the gifts friends and family have bestowed. Eat way too much. Watch football. All tempered by the re-directing of your spirit that occured the day before. With a mind renewed on the truth, appreciate "Present Day" as a celebration of family and be truly thankful for the gifts you receive and take real joy in the gifts you give. Use the day to renew family bonds, to "huddle up", to focus on community so we can fight the good fight during the coming year. There you go. (Written by Beth DeVore)

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