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Comment Re:comment (Score 4, Insightful) 209

If you've got 3,000 drives at home to come up with directly home applicable numbers, then please share them.

This is mostly useful to compare models vs models as the environment is kept the same.
It's completely legitimate to say model X is more reliable than model Y, it's not valid to say model X has a Z% failure rate in a home environment however.

Comment Re:Shielding, jamming (Score 1) 385

The chip does mostly use public/private key methods, however the NFC aspect does transmit the magnetic stripe data.
Why? Cause it means they can just use modified PoS machines rather than making new ones from scratch - the existing system needs that data so they made it less secure by keeping it pretty backwards compatible.

Comment Re:Bigger display is appealing (Score 1) 77

Battery life is the entire reason why I bought my Pebble Time in the last kickstarter.

People who wear watches that need daily charging are either:
1. People who take their fitness seriously - not applicable anymore with the Pebble Time 2 with the new heart rate monitor.
2. Tossers who love showing off their smart watch and the Pebble's dimmer (but entirely usable) screen isn't suited for that.

Comment Re:This is the year of the Linux Desktop (Score 2, Informative) 407

Stop living in the 90's.

These days there is a vastly higher chance that 99% of consumer gear 'just works' on Linux without stuffing around with drivers.

Only with Windows can you take a new computer, clean install the OS and have not a single peripherals working out of the box.
Even basic stuff like Ethernet will often not work.

Submission + - RMS Sets His Sights on Sugar, Linux and anti-Terrorism Laws (

An anonymous reader writes: An attendee's account of a recent speech by Richard Stallman in France shows how the GNU founder melds free software philosophy with contemporary political issues, including terrorism and government surveillance. He used to keep his real-world politics separate from his software politics, but maybe that's changing. Also: RMS apparently considers Linux to have been "proprietary software" until Linus endorsed the GPL (even though the Linux code was free before its GPL'ing).

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