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Submission + - Hadoop Emerges as Application Development Platform (

Nerval's Lobster writes: "As a framework for processing massive amounts of unstructured data, Hadoop has a lot of fans. But for end-users to access that data, it still needs to be transferred across networks—which can become a prohibitively expensive proposition. So rather than transfer data across a network in order for applications to make use of it, a lot of folks are beginning to think in terms of bringing applications to the data."

Submission + - New analysis shows dinosaurs not as heavy as previously believed. (

Cognitive Dissident writes: has an article on a new study using computer modeling to estimate the actual amount of flesh needed to cover the skeletons of dinosaurs. Based on a comparison with modern animals, it indicates that these animals could have weighed dramatically less than has been previously estimated. "A huge Brachiosaur, once thought to weigh 176,370 pounds, is now believed to have weighed 50,706 pounds." That's only about two-and-a-half times the weight of a modern African elephant. If other evidence can be reconciled with this, many estimates of the ecosystems dinosaurs lived in will also have to be revised.

Submission + - Massive Open Online Courses -- and the $100 masters degree (Forbes) (

GCA10 writes: Forbes reports on the latest project of Google inventor Sebastian Thrun (the proponent of self-driving cars.) He's moved on to education now, believing that conventional university teaching is way too costly, inefficient and ineffective to survive for long. So he has started Udacity, which aims to deliver an online version of a master's degree for $100 per student.

Submission + - Forensics: "File System Spoofing." (

iiiears writes: Currently, Casper may select fake root file system image on evidentiary media (e.g. HDD), because there are no authenticity checks performed (except optional UUID check for a possible live file system), and this fake root file system image may be used to execute malicious code during the boot with root privileges.

Submission + - Searching for Mark Pilgrim (

microphage writes: Mark Pilgrim, author of many "Dive into.." books and guides, has — as the saying now goes — "committed infosuicide", which happily isn't like the real sort. Except it affects your info that you've created. Let's hope Dive Into HTML5 has some sort of permanence.

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