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Comment Re:Oh that's easy to explain (Score 1) 368

However, I dread the day when they'll release 5.0

You misunderstand the versioning system. 5 will be completely different in core features - as 4 is from 3.

Nobody "made" you move from 3.x to 4.x - you elected to. People like you need governments to pass laws against bad weather an d furniture with sharp corners.

Hopefully, that day, the distros will be smarter, ....

You clearly mistake the meaning of "smart" - and show little understanding of how guis, indeed software, works. If the distros get any smarter they'll need to be watered daily. Ditto some of the aptly named "users".

Get off my lawn!

Comment Re:It's easy (Score 5, Funny) 881

No NASA should respond with "Yes it's real and we need $1 trillion in funding to determine how to stop it" and then spend that on real research.

That's awesome. And then in 2013 when the public goes "Hey, you took that $1 trillion and built a space station and a moon base and a bunch of rockets and solar power stations and telescopes and rovers and stuff, when you were supposed to be preventing the end of the world!"

And NASA can say "What do you think all that stuff was for? It worked, didn't it?"

LOL. Make it so.

Comment Re:Easy strawmen to knock off?.. (Score 1) 881

Why is the taxpayer's money being spent on this nonsense?

Putting up a couple of web pages on an already existing web site is trivially inexpensive, and the existing web site nasa.gov's primary purpose is to educate the populace. You have something against education? If you think about it, lives could be saved; someone who believes the nonsense might think "the world is ending so I have nothing to lose, I might as well kill this guy and take his money and go on a drinking binge."

What's next? Scientific evidence, that there is no Santa Claus?

People don't really believe in Santa Clause; they ARE Santa if they're parents. If there were a real, widespread belief that Santa really existed and was a danger to children, there would likely be a page or two on some government site debunking it.

As to black cats, that particular superstition, unlike 2012, is harmless. Plus "luck" has never been AFAIK studied scientifically, unlike planets.

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