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Journal cetan's Journal: Slashdot Editors and Moderation Abuse 11

I'm writing this entry to point my new sig to effectively. This link will take you to a thread in a seemingly small article. What's important to understand is that the /. editor, michael, decided to yet again abuse the moderation system by modding every single one of my posts to -1. He removed 30 karma points in one article because I did not like his extra "comment" at the end of the article he posted. It's sad how pathetic michael is.

Here's the link:

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Slashdot Editors and Moderation Abuse

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  • Below is a copy of the email I sent to rob and jeff on this issue. I do not realisticly expect a response from them on this but it is important to know that they are fully aware of michaels abuses:


    Well, it's that time of the week again. Time to review the actions of one /. editor: michael.

    As you may already be aware, michael has, in the past, wielded his powers as editor in the slashdot organization to further his own goals and to silence any critics of his actions. I know that you and Jeff really don't care about this so much (as michael's been doing it since he was hired) but I couldn't let this latest abuse go without mentioning it.

    In a seemingly benign article, ( 6/1811232&mode=nested&tid=134 ) michael decided to insert another one of his "wonderful" editorial comments that really and truly did not belong.

    And that's where the fun beings. For when someone responds to said comment (because michael clearly intended for it to be the focal point in the submission), it's immediately modded down. cid=4267381&pid=4267381&startat=&threshold=-1&mode =nested&commentsort=0&op=Change
    So is nearly every other comment in response to this.

    Now, I do agree that the reply was not on the subtle side but the posters points are very very valid. There was absolutely no reason for michael to add what he added to the submission. It is without merit and without value.

    But far be it from anyone to point this out. Because they were immediately sent to -1 land. Now, at the time of this email, the parent post has been modded 16 times, but for quite a while it sat at -1, seconds after it was posted.

    You may notice also that I started posting in this thread. Yes, I deliberately posted comments to draw out michaels "wrath" and no I'm not here to complain about lost karma. I'm here to complain about the abuse of the system.

    You are probably saying to yourself "see, the system works. our editors, with our unlimited mod points, did the right thing and put down what was off-topic." Yes, they did. They also put down perfectly valid points and opinions related to the comments in the article. I fail to see why both the article and the way the article is presented are separated in the "on-topic/off-topic" arena. They are, and should be, allowed in the same discussion. If someone posts a very one-sided article, people should be allowed to comment on it, and always do.

    But not when it comes to michael. Time and time again he has abused the system by "punishing" those who dare not agree with him.

    Why is this allowed?

    Thank you for your time.
    -Rob Bernhard

  • looks like I've been banned from posting as an anon on /.
  • Hey guess what, I got one of the comments from that thread in metamoderation just now - when straight down as unfair! Haha!

    Of course, we don't know if it was actually Micheal who modded it. But he is a weirdo - keep up the good work.

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