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Submission + - WhatsApp threatens legal action instead of fixing massive security flaws (

An anonymous reader writes: In an apparent reaction to the security vulnerabilities demonstrated by The H's associates at heise Security, the company behind WhatsApp Messenger is taking action against the developers of a library of functions for using the WhatsApp service via a PC. The developers have responded by removing the source code from the web.

However, the popular texting alternative WhatsApp still has a major security problem. Attackers can compromise other users' accounts with relative ease, and send and receive messages from another user's account.

Forked versions of the code are still available on Github.


Submission + - Automatic Detection of OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

compumike writes: "Tinfoil Security today released a browser-based website penetration testing tool as a service. "We've caught SQL injection, XSS, insecure cookies, and other vulnerabilities in 93% of websites scanned, even in frameworks like Django and Rails," said Ainsley Braun, the CEO. Earlier this year, they found a vulnerability in United Airlines that leaked flight passenger manifests. Expensive security consultants and in-house security teams can be replaced with an army of machines providing constant scanning for all websites."

Submission + - GNOME 3.6 released (

kthreadd writes: Mostly bug fixes and improved translations. New applications include Clocks and Boxes. Clocks is a world time clock, which allows you to keep an eye on what the local time is around the world. Boxes allows you to connect to other machines, either virtual or remote. For developers there's the new GtkLevelBar widget in GTK+, and GtkEntry can now use Pango attributes.

Submission + - Is Samsung aiming for a smartphone running Tizen (

abhi2012 writes: "Samsung might be aiming for a smartphone running Tizen, an opensource OS aimed at handhelds and car infotainment systems. Tizen recently went to Alpha, opening up its code ( for developers to look at. A quick look at its 3-tier architecture ( suggests its somewhat akin to Android's architecture and will also consist of a bunch of API's making the life of app developers easier. According to the article in ITWorld, the WiFi has recently passed a Samsung Device running Tizen which could mean that we can expect a smartphone running Tizen in the probable near future. Fingers crossed :)"

Submission + - National Opt Out Day a "non-event" (

An anonymous reader writes: Despite the anger over "naked" body scanners and enhanced pat-down procedures, the planned protest has been described as non-existent by many travellers on the busiest travel day of the year.

"It's a nonevent," said Christopher White, a spokesman for AirTran Airways. "... When it comes down to it, people want to get to their destinations as quickly and easily as possible."

"We haven't seen any impact on operations today," said Al Snedeker, a spokesman for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia. "... Things are running smoothly."

"Many, many compliments and few opt-outs," said a report from Boston, Massachusetts.


Submission + - North Korea could make two nuclear bombs per year

lee1 writes: "An engineer and two nuclear policy experts from Stanford
University encountered a 'modern, clean centrifuge plant of more than
1000 centrifuges all neatly aligned' in a recent visit to North Korea.
It is estimated that this facility could make one or two bombs' worth of
enriched uranium per year. The North Korean government remains opaque
and irrationally violent, recently subjecting the South Korean island of
Yeonpyeong to an artillery barrage that amounted to one of the heaviest
attacks on South Korea since the Korean war in the 1950s. Although
North Korea is thought to already possess plutonium-based nuclear
weapons, uranium weapons are more efficient and produce more powerful
explosions. Uranium can also be used to make much more powerful
thermonuclear fusion weapons. Analysts suspect North Korea has revealed
their new capability in order to influence any future negotiations over
its nuclear activities."

Submission + - Hacker Gets Another Chance to Foil US Prosecutors (

Stoobalou writes: Autistic hacker Gary McKinnon will get another chance to beat his US extradition order next week when the UK Parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee considers his plight again.

The Committee will consider the case against the 2003 Extradition Act under which the US placed an order for McKinnon's arrest after he was caught hacking into military computers in 2001.

The Government began a review of UK extradition law in September after widespread complaints that people like McKinnon were being removed from their home country to face foreign prosecutors on the basis of flimsy evidence.


Submission + - Hands-on With Acer's New 10 Inch Android Tablet

adeelarshad82 writes: Earlier this week Acer unveiled three new tablets, two for Android and one for Windows. Unfortunately details on the devices were slim, including their names. According to a hands-on with the 10 inch Android tablet, the device is about half-inch thick and weighs slightly more than an iPad. It's currently running an unknown Android version but according to the Acer executives the tablets will be running Google's tablet version of Android, Honey Comb. The tablet has no front facing buttons. The side includes a power button, lock button, an SD slot and a docking port for full-sized keyboard dock. The device also includes two cameras, front and back, resolutions details of which are still unknown. There's also a mini HDMI port for playing content on HDTVs. The tablets are powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU which gives it the edge when it comes to graphics.

Factory To Make Biodiesel From Chicken Fat 207

telekon writes "Tyson foods has finally found a use for chicken fat and leftover food grease that isn't McNuggets — they've partnered with Syntroleum to produce biodiesel from the stuff. Their first plant in Louisiana will be able to churn out 75 million gallons a year. The question is, will the exhaust smell like fried chicken?"

Are Googlers Too Smart For Their Own Good? 307

theodp writes "If you're a mere mortal, don't be surprised if your first reaction to Google Storage for Developers is 'WTF?!' Offering the kind of 'user-friendly' API one might expect from a bunch of computer science Ph.D.s, Google Storage even manages to overcomplicate the simple act of copying files. Which raises the question: Are Googlers with 'world-class programming skills' capable of producing straightforward, simple-to-use programming interfaces for ordinary humans?"

Submission + - MIT Designs Aircraft, Uses 70% Less Fuel 3

greenrainbow writes: Today a team of researchers at MIT unveiled their design for an airplane that uses 70% less fuel than conventional aircraft. The MIT design comes thanks to a NASA funded initiative to increase fuel efficiency, lower emissions and allow planes to take off on shorter runways. The team accomplished all of NASA’s set goals with their innovative D-series plane, lovingly referred to as the “double bubble” which has thinner longer wings and a smaller tail and engine placement at the rear of the plane instead of on the wings.

Open Source Guacamole Puts VNC On the Web 180

tbitiss writes "A new open source project dubbed Guacamole allows users to access a desktop remotely through a web browser, potentially streamlining the requirements for client support and administration. Guacamole is an HTML5 and JavaScript (Ajax) VNC viewer that makes use of a VNC-to-XML proxy server written in Java. According to its developers, Guacamole is almost as responsive as native VNC and should work in any browser supporting the HTML5 canvas tag. Supporting 10 Linux desktops in 10 browser tabs? I like the sound of that."

Woman Creates 3-D Erotic Book For the Blind Screenshot-sm 113

Lisa J. Murphy has written an erotic book with tactile images for that special visually impaired porn connoisseur in your life. Tactile Mind contains explicit softcore raised images, along with Braille text and photos. From the article: "A photographer with a certificate in Tactile Graphics from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Murphy learned to create touchable images of animals for books for visually impaired children. Then she realized that there was a lack of such books for adults only. 'There are no books of tactile pictures of nudes for adults, at least the last time I looked around,' says Murphy. 'We're breaking new ground. Playboy has [an edition with] Braille wording, but there are no pictures.' She says that while we live in a culture saturated with sexual images, the blind have been 'left out.'"

Google Hands Out Web Security Scanner 65

An anonymous reader writes "Apparently feeling generous this week, Google has released for free another of their internally developed tools: this time, a nifty web security scanner dubbed skipfish. A vendor-sponsored study cited by InformationWeek discovered that 90% of all web applications are vulnerable to security attacks. Are Google's security people trying to change this?"

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