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Submission + - Novell Retains Copyrights. At least for now. (

celtic_hackr writes: Novell wins two times. Utah Jury finds for Novell. Novell still owns the copyrights to Unix. Now all that is left is whether Judge Stewart believes SCO should get "specific performance" from Novell. Thereby, forcing Novell to turn over some or all of the copyrights to Unix. That won't be decided until some time in April at the earliest. ?So close and yet so far. When one company breaks the agreements in a contract repeatedly do they lose the right to enforce other provisions. Tune in next month for the continuing saga if "As the SCOg turns...".

Submission + - Woman attacks beaver faces prison sentence. (

celtic_hackr writes: A new potential Darwin award nominee. I predict we'll be reading more about this woman. On her way to meet her boyfriend she had her ex-husband take the wheel so she could shave her beaver. In the process, they rear-end a car at 45 mph. The article doesn't say what happened to her beaver. But she's got a whole lot of trouble coming her way, because: her license had been revoked, she was on probation, and she been told to have her car impounded.

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