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Submission + - Canadian military developing stealth snowmobile (www.cbc.ca)

innocent_white_lamb writes: The Canadian military is currently testing a $620,000 hybrid-electric stealth snowmobile. Testing includes speed, towing capacity, endurance, mobility, usability, and of course, noise emissions.

The testing and most other information about the stealth snowmobile is secret and very little information has been released other than the fact that it does exist. One document reads ""The noise level of an internal combustion engine cannot be reduced to an acceptable level for missions where covertness may be required, especially given the increased propagation of sound in cold, dry, Arctic air". Therefore, National Defence's research agency is "pursuing the development of a 'silent' snowmobile for winter operations in Canada, specifically in the Arctic."

Michael Byers, an Arctic policy expert, questions the need for a stealth snowmobile. "I don't see a whole lot of evidence that criminals and terrorists are scooting around Canada's North on snowmobiles and that we have to sneak up on them," he said.

The Internet

Submission + - How long do we give a service to fix issues

ncc189 writes: The Funimation Roku channel has been basically unusable during prime time for about a month now. With very little feed back from the company and no improvements to the service at all I canceled my account. My question to ./ is how long do you give a service to fix issues before you cancel the service, how much leeway do you give the service's representatives in communicating issue with us? Its seem to me that a few days is more than enough in the internet age, 3+ weeks is beyond reason. What does ./ think?

Submission + - are there any real inventors left? (bbc.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC are running a story about invention and innovation, which leads to the question; has anything really been invented since X (insert appropriate last real invention — sliced bread/wheel/), or has it all just been iterative innovation?

Submission + - Public Domain Prosthetic Hand (fundly.com)

Zeussy writes: While looking around thingiverse for something to 3D print. I found this awesome public domain prosthetic hand designed for a 5 year old child called Liam, who was born without any fingers on his right hand. The design simply using parts either 3D printer and brought from your hardware store. It is body powered via cables and bungees, see it in action here. They are currently running a fundly Fundraiser, give them your support!

Submission + - Avatar Breast Physics Added to Second Life (blogs.com) 1

wjamesau writes: Using the open source code to Second Life's viewer software, a team of programmers made realistic breast physics for female avatars a customizable viewing option. "It's basically just modifying the breast buoyancy slider in realtime, fully client-side," the team lead explains. Which means female breast physics are only viewable to someone who's running Second Life with the GPL-compliant viewer, called Emerald. (If a virtual bosom heaves in a Second Life forest, but only you see it on your monitor, does it actually jiggle?)

Colorado Newspaper Looking for Marijuana Reviewer 171

Westword, an "alternative" newspaper in Denver, has placed an ad for a medicinal marijuana reviewer. The paper has been running reviews by a staff writer, but the writer "wanted to return to the day job," opening up the position. Applicants must write a short essay on "What Marijuana Means To Me," and a MacGyver-like ability to make a bong out of common household objects is a plus.

Man Gets 50 Jobs in 50 States in 50 Weeks 4

Dan Seddiqui has spent the past year fighting a one man war on unemployment. After being unable to get a job and finding himself around $150,000 in debt, Dan came up with a scheme in which he would take a year going state to state and trying out the career that each state was most famous for. His favorite job was bartending in Louisiana during the middle of Mardi Gras, and he would be happy to never work on a lobster boat for the rest of his life. Dan learned a lot about people and the country on his journey. Most importantly he learned that publishers are falling over themselves to get the rights to his book. After writing his memoirs, Dan plans on becoming a dietician, a job that he did for a week while in Mississippi.

Marge Simpson Poses For Playboy 413

caffiend666 writes "'Marge Simpson is posing for Playboy . The magazine is giving the star of The Simpsons the star treatment, complete with a data sheet, an interview and a 2-page centerfold. 'We knew that this would really appeal to the 20-something crowd,' said Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey. Playboy even convinced 7-Eleven to carry the magazine in its 1,200 corporate-owned stores, something the company has only done once before in more than 20 years." Worst issue ever!

Submission + - Stairs wired to play musical notes (techeblog.com)

Chickan writes: Stairs converted to a piano, plays note with each step. Results? 66% more people took the stairs. "Would you take the stairs over an escalator if they played musical notes with each step? You'll have to visit Odenplan, Stockholm to ultimately make that decision."

Submission + - Cheap Fuel Cells Made from Sugar and Weed Killer (mnn.com)

jerryjamesstone writes: "Scientists at BYU have discovered a way to run a fuel cell with sugar and cheap pesticides as fuel and catalyst.

One of the problems that have been holding back fuel cell technology from wide scale adoption has been the cost — fuel cells harness electricity created when two materials are mixed together in the presence of a chemical catalyst, which so far has been something expensive like a platinum alloy."


Submission + - GPS Receiver Noise Can Be Used to Detect Snow Dept (sciencemag.org)

cremeglace writes: "Scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder have found a use for GPS besides finding restaurants or the occasional road-that-doesn't-exist: it can be used to measure snow depth. The new technique, which takes advantage of distortions of the GPS signal after it reflects off the snowpack, may potentially improve weather forecasts by allowing meteorologists to track snowfall patterns. ScienceNOW has the story, which one geophysicist describes as "a classical case of one person's noise becoming another person's signal.""

Submission + - Parents Baffled by Science Questions 4

Pickens writes: "The BBC reports that four out of five parents living in the UK have been stumped by a science question posed by their children with the top three most-asked questions: "Where do babies come from?", "What makes a rainbow?" and "Why is the sky blue?". The survey was carried out to mark the launch of a new website by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills called Science: So what? So everything. How to answer why is the sky blue? The website explains that "a clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because special things called molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more easily than they do red light. The blue light gets scattered in all directions so you can see blue whichever way you look." As former Tomorrow's World presenter Lindsey Fallow says: "An inquisitive mind is a good thing, but can leave parents in a sticky situation if they don't know the answers.""

Undercover Cameras Catch PC Repair Scams, Privacy Violations 665

Barence writes "With help from readers of PC Pro, Sky News in the UK launched an undercover investigation into rogue PC repair shops. As a result, Sky's cameras caught technicians scouring through private photos, stealing passwords and over-charging for basic repairs. It was a simple enough job: 'To create the fault, we simply loosened one of the memory chips so Windows wouldn't load. To get things working again, one needs only push the chip back into the slot and reboot the machine. Any half-way competent engineers should fix it in minutes.' But these technicians had other ideas, stealing photos and documents, as well as login details for email and bank accounts."

Hung Out to Dry Screenshot-sm 4

The Greatest Generation had the greatest clothespins.

Submission + - Analog tv still here! Pirate TV nyc (omgimon.tv)

roddy barage writes: "OMG TV has been broadcasting analog tv since june 12th in New York City. Broadcasting on Channel 14 across all New York City's five boroughs. It's the only analog station still broadcasting in NYC. By embracing the Federal White Space Initiative and Fair-Use guidelines, OMG TV operates without a traditional and expensive network license. Anyone can watch by plugging in their analog antenna or tuning on to the OMGImOn.tv website.

OMGImOn.tv is a non-commercial initiative by anonymous group of artists and media activists who aim to create television that reflects our current culture. OMG TV is packed with user-curated web gems which viewers create + vote on to be broadcast using the OMGImOn.tv website. 8bit Jackson? Cats on segways? Best of fruit of the loom?

To watch or for more info go to OMGimon.tv.

luv, omg tv

web : OMGimon.tv
video: omgimon.tv/drupal/more-info-press
mail : omgimontv@gmail.com"

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