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Comment Re:Artificial Gravity (Score 1) 111

Almost all of the issues that are described in that article are less about sleeping in space and more about sleeping in a new environment. If you take someone who is use to sleeping out in the country and put them next to a train station in a busy city, they're going to have problems sleeping. Or take the person use to sleeping next to the train station and put them out in the country where there isn't that same constant background noise.

The only thing that seemed to be especially unique to a space environment was the unnatural floating which is likely gotten use to with a prolong period in space. Short shuttle or capsule stay, you aren't there long enough to really get use to it. Multi-month space station stay, you get use to it and probably have a problem sleeping when you come back to earth and that pesky gravity thing returns.

Comment Re:They are more likely to do what I want if I pay (Score 2) 271

Extracting copper, gold, etc isn't the purpose of recycling them, that's just what makes it possible to do so affordably and hopefully for the recycler, profitable. The purpose of recycling them is to safely recover or at least contain the hazardous materials that would otherwise be buried, released into the air, or leech into water supplies where it becomes an environmental or health hazard.

Comment Re:0.21 what? (Score 1) 640

Some googling show me that the legal limit in Indiana is 0.8 percent, so I guess she had a blood alcohol level of 0.21 percent or 2.1 per mille.

You're right on her conversion but not on Indiana's legal limit. The law states it's .08% or .08 grams per deciliter (.8 milligrams per milliliter).

It's not uncommon for it to be misstated as .8, so whatever source you found might have had it wrong.

Comment Re:Where is the disclosure? (Score 1) 100

Do they need to disclose this? It is a private company. Sure the information is really important sometimes, but it's still a private service.

National Weather Service - their website

The Weather Channel - their website

Please learn the difference and which one the article is about.

Comment Re:One standard to rule them all (Score 1) 153

I have never worn out the actual headphone plug or jack, have never even heard of someone doing it.

My kids have worn out headphone jacks on several cell phones (Galaxy S4) or portable electronic devices (NDS/3DS and Nexus 7 tablet). Usually the failure mode is intermittent static or complete loss of one channel of audio, the jack not detecting something was inserted, or not detecting when it was removed.

Now you can't say you've never heard of someone wearing out a headphone jack.

Comment Re:18 months is plenty (Score 1) 660

Name one time in your professional life as a programmer (or w/e) when you've needed to know something from biology or psychology or physics or gender studies or philosophy or literature or even math (college level) to do your job. Bonus points if it was something that couldn't have been looked up on the internet in under 5 minutes.

All the time. In many cases it wasn't the exact topic that I learned in my college courses, but it was my college courses that taught me the ideas that I was able to apply to my job.

I've never needed to argue for my job whether or not God (or a higher power) existed like we spent a half semester doing in Philosophy 101, however I have needed to make persuasive logical arguments for projects why a particular thing needed to be done and support it with evidence.

I've never needed advanced physics to perform my job, but having a college-level understanding of thermodynamics has made it helpful to understand and properly calculate data as I work on a project in the HVAC industry.

I don't work in HR, but understanding Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs from my Organizational Leadership & Supervision classes has come in helpful when I'm a team or project leader and need to supervise others, or interpersonal relationships with coworkers.

The list goes on...

Comment Re:"Keep the pirates at bay" (Score 1) 77

They claim an average of 272 days until games protected with their products are cracked.

It actually only said that is how only one of their games went without being cracked, not the average. The fact that they touted 272 days would lead me to believe that the number is the longest their service has gone.

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