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Comment Re:Add "engineering" to the list (Score 3, Funny) 726

Oregon prohibits drivers from pumping their own gas as only state licensed Gas Station Engineers have received the proper education and certification to properly perform such a complex task. You can only imagine the carnage that would result if lay people would refill their own vehicles.

Comment Re:Just Slashdot (Score 1) 113

Hadn't heard of that app before. Is it using an actual external VPN service, as in all your traffic goes through some 3rd party? Or is it hooking into the network stack as a sort of virtual local VPN where everything is local, intercepting traffic getting around the normal restriction of writing to the hosts file requiring root?

Comment Re:Because it is profitable to do so (Score 1) 575

Unless you paid less than 1/3 of that for your ticket, in which case we're giving you just 3x the value of your ticket (yeah, the limit isn't even $1,350, it's 3x the value of your ticket capped at $1,350.)

Nitpick, but it's still not capped. 3x the ticket price, up to $1350, is just the upper limit of what you're automatically entitled to. The airline can offer more. And in this case offering more might have attracted another volunteer costing far less than what the litigation, let alone bad publicity has cost them.

What baffles me is that United didn't even do that. Passengers said the largest offer they heard was in the hundreds.

They offered up to $800 according to all the reports I heard. That same trip taking off today has a list price of $437, so $800 is almost 200% the list price. By law if United could have gotten passengers to Louisville in 2 hours from their arrival time, they would have only been limited to 200% up to $675, so they might have been offering more than what people were entitled to already.

Comment One of two things will happen (Score 4, Insightful) 128

"Americans' constitutional rights shouldn't disappear at the border,"

One of two things will happen:

1. Customs inspection will be moved from US soil to foreign soil if it wasn't already there. There. Problem solved. Your constitutional right never disappeared at the border because you never crossed it.

2. You'll be asked to consent to search your device/property. Those that consent will be searched and allowed to go on their merry way if nothing is found. Those that don't consent will be redirected to holding pen where at minimum a lengthy process will commence to obtain a warrant. Best case, you lose a few hours, miss your connecting flight, and are now on a watch list for suspected activity which will increasingly delay future entrances. Worst case, you're never heard from again.

Comment Re:Nope, I'll use he, she, they, there, their etc. (Score 1) 301

You could avoid the issue at hand, and just refer back to the noun ("What is the queen wearing"). Maybe that's the best answer?

I find this is the correct answer to a lot of grammatical questions I come across. If I'm proofreading something and it just doesn't sound right, or I can't figure out which exact words to use due to an unusual set of circumstances, just rewording the phrase or sentence usually solves the issue.

Comment Re:Why the focus on communication tech? (Score 1) 360

certain number of bits for each key (let's say, half the length in bits) could be placed in escrow and could be obtained by the government under court order.

And who is going to keep that escrow secure? And not provide a convenient back door for the intelligence community when that court ordered warranty is just too inconvenient of a process to go through?

Comment Re:Why the focus on communication tech? (Score 1) 360

Maybe if some wacko Eagle Eye supercomputer were monitoring and evaluating all communications at all times in real-time,

Aren't we attempting to nearly be there with locations like NSA's Utah Data Center, Fort Meade, and similar places? And isn't data already being collected at a faster rate than we have resources to process it in real time?

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