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Journal cbreaker's Journal: Mac users, and my sig. 1

So do I really hate Mac users? Naa, not really. I put up the sig for the purpose of annoying a few particular people, but I trippled the amount of people that consider me their foe in two days.

So I left it in. If a stupid sig is enough to make someone hate me, so be it, I'd rather get it over with now.

Really though, it's pretty funny. See, I'd like to think that I have an open mind. I think Macs are cool machines. I think they're a bit expensive but the machines are very nice and I think they have some quality, although I've never owned one. I also think Microsoft Office is a good peice of software, and I think Exchange server is one of the best corporate e-mail solutions available. I run Linux at home and I get it in the door at work as much as I can. I have no love for Microsoft but I also don't ignore good products just because of who makes it.

I think OSX is what an OS should be, in terms of the technical aspecs - but I've never been a fan of MacOS and OSX behaves pretty much the same. I like the old skin better, actually. Very simple and slim, out of the way. The OSX skins are very much visible and hard to ignore.

But I still believe in OSS and the GPL, and given more time I see a linux system as being equally as nice as well as open and multi-platform. Folks around here on Slashdot like to go to extremes - they say Linux will never equal this or that, or be as easy as this or that. And forget Windows - even though Microsoft has teams and teams of people that work on UI design, and that's all. If you take a step back and look how far things have come in recent years, I just don't see how anyone could make the arguement that Linux won't catch up ever. KDE and Gnome are maturing, plug-and-play is more of a reality each day, and the kernel has improved significantly. I don't see this trend stopping anytime soon.

If I had a powerful Macintosh, I'd probably run Linux on it. I like it. I've spent time with MacOS and although it works, I get bored with it. I like playing with the system and I like the OSS community. That's my gig. For lots of people, what OSX gives you is enough.

Zealots in any group are annoying as hell, and the Mac side of the world has some of the loudest ones of them all. There's a lot of Linux fans that promote the system, but in my experience even the bigger Linux Zealots are not as defensive and offensive as Mac Zealots. Maybe you see things differently, but that's the way I see it.

Anyways, nobody will read this anyways so I might as well sign off!

Take it easy everyone, and remember: Computers and technology are great things and a lot of fun for us, no matter what it is.

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Mac users, and my sig.

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  • by GigsVT ( 208848 )
    I have no love for Microsoft but I also don't ignore good products just because of who makes it.

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