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Comment Re:Put it in a library or lobby (Score 1) 473

No no no... There's no reason to make a Linux distribution look like a Windows. You need to give people a LITTLE bit of credit.. I mean, they can figure out how to use web sites, and they aren't all exactly like, so I see no reason every desktop has to look like Windows or else somehow people can't even open a web browser.

Comment Re:Why use a sub-standard Desktop? (Score 1) 473

I don't think so. The Windows 7 UI is just fine. The Windows 95 UI was fine, so was the 98 through Vista UI.

There's a lot of problems with Windows, but the user interface is not one of them. It's very usable and it works. The new taskbar on Windows 7 is very usable and keeps task clutter down.

I don't have a problem with modern Gnome UI, it's a lot better than it used to be, and I keep waiting for KDE 4 to stop sucking some day because it has a lot of potential too.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 187

Ohh, you need to give Gnome more credit here. I used to be very much a KDE guy and I really didn't like Gnome at all. But that's changed now - I still like KDE (and I look forward to using a more stable and supported KDE 4) but Gnome has come a long way. It's very usable, customizable, and stable.

Comment Re:More 3-D madness. (Score 1) 199

I'm guessing there will be polarized projectors available at some point (which use a polarizing wheel inside to alternate the frames, like RealD uses at a movie theater) and they will be compatible with the same 3D signal as the shudder systems use. However, polarization is only useful for projectors and RPTV's. Dual-projector setups seem overkill to me (and are difficult to set up) considering the polarization wheel scheme works so well.

If you want to have a flat panel, shudder will be the solution.

I haven't used the Sony glasses. The Samsung ones look a bit more goofy but they are as light as a feather. Lighter than my sunglasses.

Comment Re:More 3-D madness. (Score 1) 199

Yes, I can SEE 60hz on a CRT display. It's a foot from your face. It bothers me, yes, when I'm sitting in front of one all day long.

But 24hz on a movie screen doesn't.

Active-Matrix LCD screens don't "refresh" like a CRT. The Hz on those refers to how quickly the electronics can respond to a signal and how quickly the pixels can shift.

You seem to be the only one here complaining about this stuff. If 120hz (60hz per eye) isn't good enough for you, you're just being an elitist. You probably also think 320kbit MP3 just sucks next to flac, huh?

Comment Re:More 3-D madness. (Score 1) 199

And I agree with them. 3D stuff is awesome. 3D games look awesome. 3D movies look awesome.

Sorry, but I love the 3D stuff, even if you want to be all alternative and say it's no good to be different. The rest of us will enjoy the fuck out of it and you can keep watching your B&W TV because that's "pure TV" huh?

Comment Re:More 3-D madness. (Score 1) 199

You've obviously never put on any of the new shudder glasses. They are lighter than my sunglasses. They use a 2035 or 2025 battery. They last for 50 - 80 hours on a single button cell battery.

You're making an argument here when none should exist. Shudder glasses are really good now a days. And the new 3D stuff with shudder glasses is very high refresh. It works very well!

You should just try it sometime. There's nothing wrong with shudder glasses.

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