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Submission + - What do do with an old Netscreen firewall

An anonymous reader writes: I've got an old Netscreen 25 firewall running an old ScreenOS and no longer under any sort of support agreement. I've always had a lot of problems getting it to do even the simplest things, the error messages are vague at best and I find that I'm often restarting the thing just to keep it sane. I only use it at home to protect my networks — lan, wifi, server segment, but I dont want to replace it with a pc based firewall because of the power and heat produced by a pc, even a small one, and I dont really want to spend the money to buy a mini-pc or another firewall appliance capable of doing what I would like. So does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to make this appliance more functional and stable than it currently is? I've done a fair bit of searching for ways of replacing the ScreenOS with a custom built system but I've not found any way as yet. I'd be really surprised if there wasnt a way to get a simple linux installation onto it with Netfilter+modules, and ssh access. Thats about all I need really. Appreciare your feedback.

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