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Comment Re:A Lisa (Score 2) 857

yes an Apple Lisa, with an Mac mod chip, for the display. still in my attic. Any offers?

Yes, actually, I'm very interested with a serious offer. We have no place to store our empty luggage, sleeping bags, old photo albums, old family films, boxes of framed photographs and diplomas, mothballed clothes, blankets and flags, a pair of upholstered chairs we're not using, boxes of Christmas ornaments, decorations, lights, and the artificial tree. How about $25 per month?

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 2) 124

I've worked on a number of systems that people referred to as 'beowulf clusters,' but not a single one was actually running the Beowulf software.

I see... so that's not a car, it's an automobile!!

I think you pedanted yourself right out of making any sense. What you describe are indeed Beowulf clusters.

No particular piece of software defines a cluster as a Beowulf. Beowulf clusters normally run a Unix-like operating system, such as BSD, Linux, or Solaris, normally built from free and open source software. Commonly used parallel processing libraries include Message Passing Interface (MPI) and Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM). Both of these permit the programmer to divide a task among a group of networked computers, and collect the results of processing. Examples of MPI software include OpenMPI or MPICH. There are additional MPI implementations available.

Comment Re:What is it about having money... (Score 4, Interesting) 284

Ironically, the bigger assholes here are Zuckerberg's attorneys, and they're being assholes to Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg doesn't need to sue anyone, nor does he need to track down the owners, nor does he need any fucking attorneys to acquire ownership of that land, and he doesn't even need to buy it.. All he needs to do is pay the back taxes on it, continue paying the taxes on it, and live there 20 years while improving the property, and ownership of the land passes to him via Hawaiian adverse possession laws.

Mr. Zuckerberg, your attorneys are fucking you. I hope you can enjoy it as much as everyone else is.

Comment The scourges of the WWW, in chronological order (Score 3, Interesting) 309

There is necessarily some overlap to these plagues

1) AOL (1990's Internet gateway confused with the actual Internet)
2) hotmail/msn
3) spam/malware
4) Penguinistas (from the advent of Linux until Linux became a stable and mature OS, c. 2004/6; subsequently, for the most part, it's all good, ignoring the systemd pimple)
4) Adobe Flash
5) poorly implemented Javascript (still continues, never ends)
6) Apple and the development and ubiquity of the iOS-dominated mobile web (this ruined nearly everything for mobile device power-users)
7) unrestrained web developers and site feature creep, KISS is replaced with incomprehensible complexity (slow steady march to WWW apocalypse)

WWW/Internet never needed any of these things. Some of them started out innocuously enough, and turned evil (like Flash), and some started out evil and turned to goodness (such as Linux and it's irrational popularity prior to become mature and stable).

What will be the next scourge of the Internet?

Comment DEA already has rescheduled and overruled itself (Score 5, Interesting) 151

Here's the ruling

Based upon this record it is the recommended decision of the administrative law judge that the substance 3, 4-
methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also known as MDMA, should be placed in Schedule III.
Dated: MAY 22 1986
Francis L Young, Administrative Law Judge

here is the story

I don't know the process here between FDA and DEA, which has which ultimate powers regarding final say on drug scheduling, but I have a feeling the drug is going to be rescheduled by the FDA (it is a "good," drug, a miracle drug, and the benefits to patients far outweighs the damage to those who abuse drugs), and then something fishy will happen at the DEA, and someone will overstep their authority, just like last time, and it will again be decided in court who gets their way, the nanny-staters and asshole control freaks or the doctors, scientists, and patients that need the drug.

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 1) 534

Contrary to your small beliefs, President Obama has a valid point, whcih is that Edward Snowden hasn't been formally charged with any crime. Short of President Ford pardoning President Nixon prior to any formal charges being made (President Ford's attempt to get the country to move on), I know of no other similar pardon. The vast majority of pardons require a conviction, and time served, and five years of waiting after the time served before a pardon is considered.

There is a rather glaring contradictory issue with pardoning Snowden. A pardon is a forgiveness . While I personally admire him immensely for his sacrifice for the greater good, Mr. Snowden brazenly believes he has done nothing wrong, and believes he has the moral high ground. Yet he is asking for a pardon, he is asking for forgiveness. To paraphrase this contradiction, "I have done nothing wrong, so you should forgive me!"

IMO, Mr. Snowden never should have tried shopping for a pardon. He never should have commented on it. He never should have commented on anything he did. I hope he has better luck and makes wiser choices under the next administration.

Comment Re:Wouldn't need subsidies (Score 1) 259

The "nuclear is expensive" claim is only true because the anti-nuclear lobby has made it that way.

This is unequivocally false. Nuclear power has been the most expensive way to generate energy since its inception. The only possibilty and the only way nuclear power in practice has been economically feasable is more or less due to the quote in the summary:

"does better in a socialist economy than in a capitalist one, because nuclear energy prefers to have the public do the cleanup, do the insurance, cover all of the losses and it only wants the profits."

Breeder reactors are a great idea, but do nothing to mitigate the insane and massive cost already incurred, and will continue to cost, indefinitely. Clean up nuclear power's current problems first, pay off the massive subsidy-debt to governments (to the people that payed for it), solve the waste problem (the current one, as it is, without invoking the largely non-existent messiah breeder reactors), and then you can once again receive massive government subsidies for energy companies to build their breeder reactors, take all the profits, with none of the respinsibility.

Or, you know, spend that money on alternative energies and actaully get what you pay for without incurring insane massive debt and the possibility of any sort of nasty waste that lingers as a dnager for a millenia.

Comment Re:Arguing over the subjective (Score 1) 523

With that kind of attitude, you'll never pass any software engineering practical exam, and thus never become legally licensed to practice software engineering in the civil, academic, corporate or industrial world. On the other hand, programmers never needed such things, will need no stinking license to practice ever, won't need tuition debt, and certainly don't need a stinking framed degree with a fake and insulting euphamism for "programmer" printed in fake caligraphy. Real software engineers are actually spoiled rich and bored programmers trying to prove something. Programmers simply program, otherwise they are not programmers, but hacks (not to be confused with 'hackers').

Comment Re:We don't know how to be nice. (Score 1) 379

In the last 15 years, we have seen the death of habeas corpus, the death of the Fourth Amendment, and the death of the Sixth Amendment (and of course the bastardization of the 2nd Amendment). Recently, there have been assaults to the 1st Amendment... and your post appears to be on the wrong side of that battle.

Comment Re:Wow, they really are stuck in the past (Score 1) 486

I don't think for long, now they have named Mr. Gates as a target, the world's richest man's (more or less) decadently well-funded security team is very likely now targeting them. I wonder how many ex-special forces work for him, and how many more will now be hired.

Comment Re:What about non-"tobacco product" vapes? (Score 1) 342

The FDA is making a mistake only in this regard. FDA seems to only care about nicotine regulation. Nicotine is pretty dangerous stuff, but the fact of the matter is it is simply not the most dangerous element of vaping. How many nicotine poisonings or deaths have there been since the industry's birth? Probably none. Yet FDA absolutely should be stepping in to hold manufacturers in line, but FDA need to see where the very real danger lies: lithium batteries. Lithium cells need understanding and care to be used safely. The one line warning that lithium cells may have, without any benefit of instruction or best practices, is clearly insufficient. It is kind of nuts what modders think they are clever doing with sub-ohm coils and 100W vapes... rest assured more children will be maimed, and apparently FDA is currently blinded to this fact because nicotine is a drug and all drugs are bad. For all the good intentions of the nanny state, it rolls right over the actual real dangers from which they should be protecting consumers.

Comment Re:Grease can be used as fuel. Why would you dump (Score 1) 189

It isn't too much of a surprise that the economics of producing biodiesel from used restaurant oil are shaky; and it also wouldn't be much of a surprise if on-site/near-site illicit dumping by individual operators looking to avoid paying for collection would be pretty common; but I am a little surprised that, if you are going to go to the trouble of collecting the stuff, it isn't economic to burn in less demanding applications.

Could be that their fuel tax has something to do with it:

With state gas taxes now up to 44.5 cents a gallon, adding in the current federal gas tax of 18.4 cents, the total per gallon gas tax in Washington is now 62.9 cents.

A free barrel of grease used for fuel now costs $18.69 in Washington State.

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