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Submission + - NYTimes confirms that Paramount was paid $150m 1

An anonymous reader writes: NYTimes has confirmed the story that Paramount and DreamWorks Animation were paid $150 million for an exclusive HD-DVD deal that will last 18 months. "Paramount and DreamWorks Animation declined to comment. Microsoft, the most prominent technology company supporting HD DVDs, said it could not rule out payment but said it wrote no checks. "We provided no financial incentives to Paramount or DreamWorks whatsoever," said Amir Majidimehr, the head of Microsoft's consumer media technology group."

Submission + - Has Google become evil in the eyes of open source? ( 1

willdavid writes: "By Dana Blankenhorn (ZDNet Blogs) An exchange of e-mails between Bill Hilf of Microsoft and Chris DiBona of Google concerning Microsoft's OSI license application has drawn an interesting reaction in the press. They're taking Microsoft's side. This is a major turning point, and shows just how far Google has come in less than a decade."

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