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Submission + - Robotic surrogates closer than you think (

bowman9991 writes: "Bruce Willis' upcoming science fiction thriller, 'Surrogates', is a clever twist on the usual tale of malfunctioning machines and robotic dystopias and a lot closer to reality than you might think SFFMedia reports. You stay at home in your 'stim' chair and experience the world through the senses of your perfect, powerful, almost indestructible robotic twin. 'Surrogates represent the ultimate freedom from physical harm and the mental toll of everyday life. Pleasure is achievable simply by plugging in,' director Jonathan Mostow suggests. Be as sexy, dangerous and daring as you like, without the physical and social consequences. The present day parallels with virtual Internet worlds, increasingly immersive online gaming and people surrendering themselves to the Internet for just about everything are likely to strike a cord. If you present a perfect virtual mask to the world constantly, how would this affect our behaviour and happiness? If you never see anyone in the flesh, what would you loose? Is Second Life a second life, or a hollow, soulless imitation? There are some excellent philosophical, social and cultural questions to pose and modern day parallels to explore. Links to the second 'Surrogates' trailer and new pictures from the movie included."

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