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Submission + - SETI@Home, just not @School 3

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently the most prolific of users in the SETI@Home community has resigned his job as a school technology supervisor after it was revealed he had the software installed on some 5000 school machines. The school claims to have lost $1 Million in upkeep on the affected machines. Check it out:


davekleiman writes: "Part of Vicki Walker's job as a financial controller at New Zealand's ProCare Health was to advise her team on how to fill out staff claim forms. But, her colleagues demanded, did she have to be so "confrontational" about it? According to a post last week on the Social Networking Law Blog ([spam URL stripped]), the company eventually fired Walker, claiming that her unnecessarily stern and detailed instructions on how forms should be properly filled out were causing "disharmony in the workplace." See Vicki was posting her instructions in ALL CAPS HIGHLIGHTED IN A VARIETY OF COLORS!

Further demonstrating the lawlessness in New Zealand, the Employment Relations Authority awarded Walker $17,000 for unfair dismissal, despite her blatant crimes against the keyboard and her co-workers.

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Submission + - Typo in Story Headiing

truthinquest writes: Cmdr Taco,

          NOT a story, but a report of a typo. Unless you're practicing alternative dialects in your Slashdot headings, you probably want to correct the heading for today's Apple story to read:

          "SMS Hack Could Make iPhones Vulnerable"

(I can't figure out the proper verb tense classification for "could makes", so its hard to interpret. :-)

-- truthinquest

Submission + - When moderating, my primary goal is to:

VRisaMetaphor writes: When moderating, my primary goal is to:

* help the best comments float to the top
* make the worst comments sink to the bottom
* up-mod comments I agree with
* down-mod comments I don't agree with
* seek and destroy trolls
* slap moderation critics offtopic
* make metamods go WTF?
* annoy CowboyNeal

Submission + - Web slows after Jackson's death

Kiran writes: "As reported by BBC, many sites like google, twitter, TMZ etc have crashed after the news.
Google:It warned users "your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application".
Twitter:The microblogging service Twitter crashed with the sheer volume of people using the service.
TMZ: TMZ, the popular celebrity gossip site that broke the story following a tip-off that a paramedic had visited the singers home also crashed.
Others: Keynote Systems reported that its monitoring showed performance problems for the web sites of AOL, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and Yahoo."

Submission + - Houston Considering Building Simpsons-like Dome (

nsteinme writes: "Faced with heat, humidity, and hurricanes, engineers in Houston are looking into building a large geodesic dome that would completely enclose the city. The Discovery Channel has a video as well as a diagram of what this thing is supposed to look like (exactly like you think). And the question I propose to you, my esteemed fellow Slashdotters, is as follows: whatcouldpossiblygowrong?"

Submission + - GPS Map Data Error Prompts Garmin Recall (

CWmike writes: "Blindly following GPS map indications can turn out to be dangerous: For safety reasons, device maker Garmin has recalled maps that gave incorrect information to some of its users. The 2009 version of Garmin's BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision data cards provides inaccurate indications of the depth of the water off the coast of Sweden and Denmark, according to reports first received by Garmin during the last week of May. The same issues may affect maps of other regions, so the company has decided to do a worldwide recall of the products, it said. It has also stopped selling CD-ROMs containing the same data, according to its Web site. The problem was caused by a change in the algorithm that decides how to display depth information, according to Anthony Chmarny, spokesman at Garmin in Europe."

Submission + - I just want internet!

Greg from NVA writes: "I just want to find a broadband internet provider who: 1. Doesn't require additional services in order to provide service, i.e. TV or phone 2. Doesn't require charges to be made automatically to my credit card 3. Provides high speed (5 down 2 up is fine) connection 4. Won't gouge me on add-ons like installation and modem lease What do you suggest — no Comcast or Verizon please. Desperate in Northern Virginia"

Submission + - Publishers want a slice of used game market ( 3

grigory writes: GameStop's business model depends on a healthy flow of used games: incredibly "[GameStop] enjoys a 48 percent profit margin on used games". Game publishers do not see a cut of the secondary sale because it falls under the first sale doctrine. Now, some publishers and manufacturers want a piece of the pie. "One marketing executive, who did not want to be identified for fear of angering GameStop and other retailers, said the used game sale market is still depriving publishers of money because it gives consumers an all-too-easy alternative to buying a new game." Interesting picture of companies fighting for your business, and (suprise!) complaining about being left out of the money stream.

Submission + - Chair Made Entirely from Computer Keyboards (

Mike writes: "Just in case your life needs more keyboards in it — Designers Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm have created an alpha-geek chaise constructed entirely from discarded computer keyboards. Wittingly dubbed the 'Text-ile' chair, the design incorporates old computer keyboards from VOICE SYSTEMS, a company which offers IT support to computer users with disabilities. It's not the most subtle design, but to keep it clean you need only break out that can of compressed air."

Submission + - Armstrong's 'poetic' slip on the moon 1

krou writes: It's the question that's lasted for four decades: did Neil Armstrong say "one small step for a man" when he stepped down onto the moon? The quote has long been known as "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind", but both seem to mean the same thing; Armstrong himself believed that he had said "a man". An analysis in 2006 stated that there was a gap between "for" and "man" big enough for "a", leading to the idea that the "a" was lost due to static, or spoken softly. However, further analysis disputed this. Now, however, Dr Chris Riley, author of the new Haynes book Apollo 11, An Owner's Manual and forensic linguist John Olsson have carried out the most detailed analysis yet of Armstrong's speech. Using the original magnetic tape recordings they discovered that the "voice print spectrograph clearly shows the "r" in "for" and "m" in "man" running into each other." Therefore, concludes Mr. Olsson: "It's perfectly clear that there was absolutely no room for the word 'a'". From other recordings, they demonstrated that "a" can be clearly heard in other dialogue, and was not likely just whispered softly. However, they note that the rising pitch of the word "man", and falling pitch of mankind, demonstrates "that he's doing what we all do in our speech, he was contrasting using speech — indicating that he knows the difference between man and mankind and that he meant man as in 'a man' not 'humanity'." The also note that it is quite clear from body language and speech patterns that the dialogue was spontaneous, and not prepared. Their overall assessment is that Armstrong likely left out the word "a" because it was poetically better: "When you look at the whole expression there's a symmetry about this. If you put the word 'a' in, it would totally alter the poetic balance of the expression."
Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook Causes Adultery? (

dinoyum writes: "According to religious leaders in Indonesia Facebook may led to adultery! Plans to put limitations on Facebook use, in the biggest Muslim nation in the world has been met with uproar. Facebook is the most popular site in Indonesia. For heavens sake, even the Pope is on FB."

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