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Comment Re:Spam vs. unwanted e-mail (vs. BACN) (Score 1) 481

I am a little surprised to not find any reference to the semi-new "Bacn" (pronounced "bacon") terminology to describe e-mail that "I want to read - just not right now". I have been using a Bacn filter for months on my most used e-mail accounts and it allows me to segregate the stuff that I want to read at some point but don't have time to read right now into a separate folder, keeping my urgent and important stuff (and a few spam messages that weed their way through) into my inbox. When I clear out my inbox, I can then go read my Bacn folder and check out the stuff that may be mildly interesting or useful in some way, but doesn't require immediate attention.

By the way, my Slashdot e-mail is not included in my Bacn filter, because I like to read that as soon as I can get my hands on it - plus, only my Inbox is integrated to my Blackberry, allowing me to read my Slashdot mails in the places where I otherwise wouldn't have access to a computer (you know where that is).

To read more about the Bacon concept, go to:

And here is an NPR story on it:

Comment Re:Company or store policy? (Score 1) 417

Actually, the entire economic system of barter and trade is based on greed. If I weren't greedy and I had a fish, I would say to you, "Here, take my fish please." Not that it is all bad. Darwinism (for lack of a better term) would say that greed is a self-preservation mechanism - if I need the fish to survive, I should keep it because it is in my own best interest. Christianity, on the other hand (in its purest form) - the religion (among others)that teaches that greed is bad - would just allow me to give it all away and then let the unseen hand take care of me, representing pure lack of greed.

Comment Re:If you have a publisher, ask them. (Score 1) 325

Ditto the original posters comments. I don't know about "most publishers," but I am about to undertake a 500 page technical manual, and the publisher has so far told me that the one stipulation is that I agree to use their Word based template. For me, using M$ at work all the time, it will make my life easier to use a familiar tool whose features I know very well. On the other hand, it won't encourage me to use a new tool, which is often half the fun of undertaking a project.

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