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Submission + - DevOps explained: A philosophy of speed, not momentum (

mattydread23 writes: In 2013, millions of dollars poured into DevOps startups like Chef and Puppet, and big companies like GE began adopting its tenets. So what exactly is DevOps? What problem does it solve and who are the major players? Writer Matt Weinberger does an excellent job of laying out the basics.

Submission + - Best cross-platform (or only Linux) audio software? 1

blogologue writes: I have played the guitar for some years now, and these days I think it's good therapy to be creative with music learning the piano and singing as well. So far I've been using Audacity as the tool to compose improvisations and demos, I haven't done much audio work before but it is already becoming too limited for my needs. Being a Linux-fanboi since the middle nineties I'm now looking for a good audio processing/editing/enhancing setup that can run on different platforms, the most important being Linux (yes, voting for Linux with my dollar). Are there any suggestions for Open Source or proprietary audio editing software that runs Linux?

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